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Conservation of Malus spontanea

photo of <em>Malus spontanea</em>

Malus spontanea
Photograph provided by Takeyoshi Kamamiya

In the Ebino Highland area can be seen the Malus spontanea, a tree than only grows in the Kirishima region. However, these trees are threatened with extinction due to artesian pressure because of their height, debarking by Japanese deer, and root scour (Category: "Threatened" IB "Endangered"). Accordingly, government organizations, researchers, and volunteers are working together to protect the species through such actions as erecting anti-deer barriers and protective tubes for young trees, removing suppressed trees, and carrying out work to prevent root scour.

Park Volunteers

photo of Park Volunteers
Organizations of volunteers who are mainly active within the national park carry out such activities as nature observation meetings, clean-ups, and protection/management of wild animals and plants.
photo of Park Volunteers