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Park Etiquette

In order for everyone to have a pleasant experience, the visitors to the national parks are advised to respect nature and observe the following:

  • Do not throw away any trash.
  • Do not pick wild flowers/damage plants.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • No hunting or fishing.
  • No smoking while walking.
  • Bonfires / recreational fires are only permitted in designated areas.
  • Do not camp out other than a campground.
  • The entry of vehicles to areas other than roadways and parking lots is prohibited.
  • For the protection of vegetation, do not leave the boardwalks and footpaths.
  • As for the Daisen-ji Temple parking lot, during the winter holiday season when the Daisen-ji Temple Ski Resort sees a host of visitors, the parking lot exceeds its capacity, causing congested streets and on-street parking in the vicinity. As it interferes with a proper use of the park, the visitors of the sky resort are advised to use the Makihara parking lot or shuttle bus services as much as possible.
  • For the safety of climbers, please be sure to have sufficient equipment and plans and submit an application for ascending and descending.
  • The only toilet facilities along the Mt. Daisen mountain path are located at the shelter on the summit of Mt. Misen. Be sure to be fully ready for mountain climbing prior to setting off. Also, be sure to use plastic bags for toilets.