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BOOKLET to Provide Basic Information Regarding Health Effects of Radiation (2nd edition)

Psychiatric Effects on Children

Psychiatric Effects on Children_Figure

In some of the studies targeting children who were fetuses at the time of the Chernobyl NPS Accident, investigations on neuropsychological effects were also conducted.

Although the results of the studies are not necessarily coherent, a report that attests to emotional disorders of the children caused by the accident also points out other effects such as parents' anxiety as factors affecting their mental state, rather than merely pointing out radiation exposure as a direct effect (p.106 of Vol. 1, "Effects on Children - Chernobyl NPS Accident -").

(For the results of the survey on children's mental health conducted by Fukushima Prefecture, see p.154 of Vol. 2, "Mental Health and Lifestyle Survey: What Has Become Clear (4/5).")

  • Included in this reference material on March 31, 2013
  • Updated on March 31, 2019
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