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BOOKLET to Provide Basic Information Regarding Health Effects of Radiation (2nd edition)

Doses in Units of Sieverts

Doses in Units of Sieverts_Figure

Sievert is used as the unit for (i) radiation dose to the whole body (effective dose) (p.42 of Vol. 1, "Difference between Values of Effective Dose and Dose Equivalent"), (ii) radiation dose due to internal exposure (committed effective dose) (p.56 of Vol. 1, "Committed Effective Doses"), and (iii) dose from local exposure, in which exposure to radiation is limited to a certain location (equivalent dose). They are common in that they all take into account the risks of cancer and heritable effects on individuals or tissues exposed.

Sievert may also be used for (iv) the readings of survey meters. The relevant value shows a value converted to an ambient dose equivalent (p.44 of Vol. 1, "Various Measuring Instruments").

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