@ Air Pollution Control Technology Manual


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0.Cover/Contents ( 514 kB )

1.Chapter 1 An Introduction to Air Pollution

2.Chapter 2 History of Air pollution

3.Chapter 3 Background to air pollution regulations in Japan ( 252 kB )

4.Chapter 4 Weather Conditions, and the Variation and Distribution of the Concentration of Air Pollutants

5.Chapter 5 Effect of Air Pollution

6.Chapter 6 Overview of Sources of the Air Pollutants

7.Chapter 7 Air Pollution Control Technology

8.Chapter 8 Measuring method of air pollutants (emission sources)

9.Chapter 9 Air pollution measuring methods (atmosphere)

10.Chapter10 Air Pollution Estimating Techniques

11.Chapter11 System of Air Quality Conservation Laws
11.4 Law Concerning Special Measures to Reduce The total Mass of Nitrogen Oxides Discharged by Motor Vehicles in Specified Areas
(The Motor Vehicle Nox Law) ( 100 kB )
11.9 Conventions, Protocols and Associated Laws ( 35 kB )

12.Chapter10 Administrative Outline of Air Quality Conservation

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