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Photo Report (January, 2014)

Minister Mr. Ishihara visited Palau (11-15 January, 2014)

Minister Mr. Ishihara had meetings with the President and the Ministers of Palau, signed the bilateral document for the Joint Crediting Mechanism with Palau, made an address at the Palau National Congress, and made a speech in the signing ceremony for grant aid project for the damage of the typhoon.

  • Signing and exchanging the bilateral document for the JCM, with Mr. Obichang, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce

  • Meeting with President Mr. Remengesau

  • Address desiring to further strengthen the ties of friendship between Japan and Palau

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Parliamentary Vice-Minister Mr. Makihara visited Africa (10-16 January, 2014)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Mr. Makihara visited Mozambique, Ethiopia and Uganda. He had bilateral meetings with Ministers of Environment in the three countries. In addition, he joined the Prime Minister Mr. Abe's summit meetings in Mozambique and Ethiopia.

  • Participation in the summit meeting between the Prime Minister Mr.Abe and the President Mr.Guebuza, Mozambique (Picture from the website of the Prime Minister's office)

  • Visit to the protection project of white rhinoceros registered as endangered species.

  • Meeting with Mr. Kamuntu, Minister of Environment, Uganda

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