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Japan Environment Quarterly (JEQ)
Volume 12 | December 2015

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Voice of MOE Family in the World

Beijing Won't Be the Same after a Year



First Secretary, Economic Section, Embassy of Japan in China

Contrast of smog & blue sky in Beijing (Oct 2014)

Everything changes rapidly in China. You may need to buy a new map after 5 years.

One of the things people want to change most is the environmental situation. For example, annual average level of PM2.5 in 2014 was nearly six times the standard of Japan. Sometimes it even exceeds the maximum level of the index (500μg/m3), which is seriously hazardous to human.

The level, however, dropped by 15% in the first half of 2015 from that of 2014. Not only wind condition, but also drastic policies are alleged to work well. Having blue sky even without wind would be the common dream of the people, including me. Japan is active in cooperating in this area, and hopes to be of help to have this dream come true.

There are also many things I hope not to be changed, one of these is people's habit of caring for babies and kids. Whenever I take my 3-year-old child on a bus or subway, there is always someone yielding a seat for her. Always! Visit China with kids and you'll appreciate it.

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