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Program Officer

As a part of management system, MOE employs experienced Program Director (PD) and Program Officers (PO) in order for appropriate operation of the fund and for support of researches.

(1) Role of PO

In order to implement researches as smoothly and efficiently as possible and to assure bi-directional communication between MOE and researchers, each research has an assigned PO who talks on MOE’s behalf to the corresponding researchers.

PO’s major roles and responsibilities are as follows, but PO may also take care of other issues as needed.

(a) (On behalf of MOE) Audit of Progress of Research

Occasion: Advisory Board Meeting

Documentation: Budget Request Forms, Application Form, Presentation Material at Oral Examination

(b) (On behalf of MOE) Consultation for Researchers

PO is supposed to provide a handy answer to researcher’s question before the researcher need to talk to MOE. PO, on hearing such a question, at the same time gives an empirical advice to MOE.

(c) Instrument for Better Contribution to Environmental Policy

Po provides an advice upon request from a researcher to better contribute to the environmental policy, such as an advice of presentation materials. In addition, PO will bridge collaboration between a researcher and a corresponding policy maker.

(d) (On behalf of MOE) Attendance to Advisory Meeting

In order to help perform above (a), (b) and (c), PO will attend the advisory board meeting, which is to be held by a researcher annually.

(e) Other

In addition to the above, PO is supposed to give empirical advices as needed to a researcher.