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Research Fields

In fiscal 2016, the seven former research fields have been reorganized and condensed to five fields in line with the "Promotion Strategy for Environmental Research & Environmental Technology Development" (Policy Recommendation Report of the Central Environmental Council in August 2015).

• Common to All Fields / Cross-sectional through Different Fields

Research related to an ideal society (sustainable society) under a long-term state vision
Win-win research and development that contributes to multiple fields at once
Research and development to eliminate trade-offs between fields
Other related research and development

• Low Carbon Field

Formulating low-carbon scenarios that flexibly respond to climate change
Clarifying the global warming phenomenon and measures to adapt to the situation
Promoting low-carbon technology for the energy supply system
Other related measures

• Sound Material-cycle Field

Thorough implementation of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), and optimal disposal
Improving heat recovery efficiency
Collecting rare metals and establishing recycling systems
Other related measures

• Harmony with Nature Field

Protecting biodiversity
Sustainably securing and using national land, water, and other natural resources
Other related measures

• Safe and Secure Field

Risk evaluation and management that takes account of previously unidentified risks (such as chemical substances and vulnerability)
Healthy circulation of water and air
Other related measures

*Research and technological development for CO2 emission reduction at energy origin is funded by the Special Account for Energy Policy.