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Assessment of Research Funding Systems

A follow-up evaluation was conducted on research and development projects completed in FY 2006 and implemented under four competitive funds operated by the Ministry of the Environment, namely, the Environmental Technology Development Fund, the Global Environment Research Fund, the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, such as waste treatment (including the Program for Developing Infrastructure for the Next-generation Waste Treatment Technology), and the Technological Development Projects for Global Warming Countermeasures scheme (all names correct as of FY 2006). In conducting the follow-up evaluation, in light of the results of the FY 2009 follow-up evaluation on programs to promote environmental research and technological development, the evaluated parties were requested to implement self-inspections (questionnaires) and also were interviewed (individual surveys). Information was obtained on the state of utilization of results since the end of the R&D project (application of results, reflection in environmental administration, contribution to environment conservation, R&D developments since end of project, etc.). On the basis of this information, the projects were discussed in an evaluation committee made up of 15 learned persons and appraised. In addition, in order to contribute to future operation of the system, proposals were made regarding methods of evaluation from the viewpoints of evaluation frequency, evaluation indicators, and evaluation procedure.