Point of Interest in Kokyogaien National Gardens

Wadakura Fountain Park

Photo: Wadakura Fountain Park

Wadakura Fountain Park was reconstructed in 1995, based on the theme of "Continuity and New Development". This fountain park was refurbished to celebrate the occasion of the royal wedding of the Crown Prince and Princess. The original fountain park was constructed to commemorate the royal wedding of the present Emperor and Empress in 1961. The center fountain has water jet of 8.5m, while the adjacent fountains have water jet of 6.8m respectively.
A modern art water fall has been constructed close to the existing fountains. This water fall is 5.5m high, and is 30m wide.
The "Water Fall" and the "Monument Fountain" are connected to the original fountain by four canals, symbolizing two generations of Royal Weddings. At night time, all these fountains are illuminated, and the moving water combined with the colorful illuminations creates a beautiful and tranquil effect.
The water for this fountain park is taken from the Wadakura-bori moat. It is filtered and continually re-circulated.