Point of Interest in Kokyogaien National Gardens

Sakurada-mon Gate

Photo: Sakurada-mon Gate

Salurada-mon Gate was completed in 1620.
On September 1, 1923, this gate was severely damaged by the Great Kanto Earthquake. The gate was later reconstructed to its former glory. Most of the old gates of Edo Castle belong to a type of gate called "Masugata-mon"(meaning Square shaped gate). The characteristic of the Masugata-mon is that there is a small square-shaped space inside the exterior walls and then followed by two more gates called, "Korai-mon" gate and "Yagura-mon" gate.
In the olden days, these Masugata-mon gates were strategically positioned. The size of the square inside Sakurada-mon gate is 17m× 38m.
In 1961, Sakurada-mon Gate was designated as an Important Cultural Asset to Japan, because this is the largest of the remaining gates of the former Edo Castle, and its interior square is well preserved.