Quality of the Environment in Japan 2002

Movement Towards Construction of Sustainable Society

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Annual Report on the State of the Environment in FY 2001

Part 1 : Movement towords Construction of Sustainable Society <Introduction> [PDF 11KB]

Chapter 1 : Association Between a Socio Economic System and Environmental Problems [PDF 167KB]
1. Development of Social Economy and Transition of Environmental Problems
2. Socio Economic System and Environmental Efficiency
Chapter 2 : Activities by Each Entity Towards Construction of a Socio Economic System with Minimum Environment Load [PDF 164KB]
1. Change of Activities by Citizens
2. Change of Activities by Enterprises
3. Change of Government Policies
Chapter 3 : Aiming at a Socio Economic System for Sustainable Development [PDF 139KB]
1. Actualization of Environmental Constraints and Possibility of New Measures
2. Economical Effects Achieved by Environmental Measures
3. New Measures by the International Society and Japan's Contribution
4. Movement towards Construction of Sustainable Society

Part 2 : Current Environmental Issues and Environmental Conservation Measures by Government [PDF 381KB]

Environmental Conservation Measures to be Implemented in FY2002

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