Country Information

Law and Regulation

Up-to-date information of national policies, laws and regulations related to the implementation of the Basel Convention in each country has been exchanged at annual workshops and upload to this website periodically. The laws or regulations covering the following items are uploaded (but not limited to):

  • Definition of hazardous waste and other waste
  • Regulation or restriction on import and export
  • Criteria on waste and non-waste or hazardous and non-hazardous
  • Policy for promoting environmentally sound management

* This page is updated on a regular basis based upon information provided by countries. Hence, the information on laws and regulations in this page might be neither the latest version nor comprehensive. It is recommended that you check the website of Competent Authority of each country or the website of the Basel Convention for more detail information, especially if you wish to import or export hazardous wastes.

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Hong Kong SAR, China
Republic of Korea

The following tables summarize the import regulations of specific waste streams established by the Asian Network countries.

National Reporting

Pursuant to paragraph 3 of Article 13 of the Basel Convention, Parties are required to transmit their national reports to the Secretariat of the Basel Convention annually. The national reporting include the following information;

  • Contact information of Competent Authority and/or Focal Point
  • Definition of hazardous waste and other waste
  • Regulation and restriction on import and export
  • Statistics of waste generation, import or export
  • Waste disposal and recovery facility
  • Case of illegal traffic

The report submitted by Parties can be found at the website of the Basel Convention.
Basel Convention National Reports (external link)