* This page is updated on a regular basis based upon information provided by countries. Hence, the information on laws and regulations in this page might be neither the latest version nor comprehensive. It is recommended that you check the website of Competent Authority of each country or the website of the Basel Convention for more detail information, especially if you wish to import or export hazardous wastes.

Control on Import and Export of Waste

  • Circular No 34.2017TT-BTNMT dated 04.10.2017 on regulations of retrieval  and treatment of discarded products
    Vietnamese [PDF 289KB]
  • Circular No 36.2015TT-BTNMT dated 30.6.2015 on hazardous waste management
    Vietnamese [PDF 4.54MB]
  • Decree No 38.2015ND-CP dated 24.4.2015 on the management of wastes and scraps
    Vietnamese [PDF 1.75MB]
  • Decision No16.2015QD-TTg dated 22.5.2015 on providing regulations for retrieval (take-back) and treatment of discarded products
    Vietnamese [PDF 338KB]
  • Law on Environmental Protection
    English [PDF 3.39MB]
  • The Regulation of Management of Hazardous Waste(Prime Minister's Decision No. 155/1999/QD-TTg)
    English [PDF 3.01MB]
  • MOIT and MONRE Inter-ministerial circular 02/2007/TTLT-BCT-BTNMT on requirements of the imported scraps
    English [PDF 40KB]
  • MONRE Decision No.23/2006/QD-BTNMT on the List of Hazardous Waste
    English [PDF 1.96MB]  Vietnamese (external link)
  • MONRE Circular No.12/2006/TT-BTNMT on Regulations on Companies engaging in Hazardous Waste Generation, Transportation and Disposal
    Vietnamese [PDF 590KB]
  • MONRE Decision No. 12/2006/QD-BTNMT on Issuance of the List of Scraps subjected to Automatic Permit for Imports as Secondary Production Materials
    English [PDF 211KB]
  • Decree No.12/2006/ND-CP Regarding Detailing Implementation of Trade Law Regulations on International Buying and Selling of Commodities and Agent Activities including Purchasing, Selling, Sourcing, Outsourcing, Border-gate Transfer, and Transiting of Commodities with Foreign Countries.
    English [PDF 273KB]
  • Decision on the Temporary List of Goods Temporarily Imported for Re-Export, Transmitted, and in Bonded Warehouses (No. 5737/QD-BCT)
    English [PDF 601KB]