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Measures for Sika Deer

photo of Deer Fence Installed in Mt. Warusawa

Deer Fence Installed in Mt. Warusawa

Since around 1998, there has been an increase in the number of sika deer spotted around the ridge line of the Minami Alps, resulting in aggravated pest damage to alpine meadows in the alpine belt. To solve this issue, the relevant administrative authorities set up a Minami Alps alpine plants conservation liaison council in 2009 to engage in various projects as well as laying down a comprehensive policy. For example, the council conducts a monitoring survey, capturing of sika deer, installation of deer fences for the conservation of alpine meadows and the prevention of soil outflow to a denuded land aiming to restore the sceneries unique to the alpine belt.

Conservation Efforts of the Alpine Plants

photo of Fence to Conserve the Habitat of Callianthemum hondoense

Fence to Conserve the Habitat of Callianthemum hondoense

To protect the environment of Callianthemum hondoense and rock ptarmigan, the major efforts have been made by following the Conservation Act of seeds to lay out programs for the rehabilitation of natural habitats and maintenance of viable populations, aimed at protecting their habitats. For the conservation of Callianthemum hondoense, for example, the efforts include a patrol to prevent illegal digging, monitoring of growth situation and the improvement of a growing environment.