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Countermeasures against Invasive Species

photo of Cane Toad

Cane Toad

There are also many invasive species that have infested the Yaeyama region, and concerns are held for their impact on the ecosystem. Measures are being taken to reduce the population density of the Cane Toad, which the Ministry of the Environment has designated as a specific invasive species, as well as prevent its entry to Iriomote-jima Island. Countermeasures are also being taken against the Green Iguana, which is a high-risk invasive species.
photo of Green Iguana

Green Iguana

Wildlife Conservation Measures

photo of Aiding an Iriomote Wild Cat

Aiding an Iriomote Wild Cat

In order to protect rare wildlife species such, as the Iriomote wild cat and Crested serpent eagle, related organizations and groups are implementing various measures within the Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park, such as initiatives to prevent traffic accidents by encouraging drivers to drive at "island speed" (40 km/hr or slower), as well as rescuing and treating injured or sick animals and conducting ecological surveys and monitoring.
photo of Serpent Eagle

Serpent Eagle

photo of Wildcat Warning Sign

Wildcat Warning Sign

photo of Island Speed Magnet

"Island Speed" Magnet