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Grants for Upgrading Mountain Lavatories

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Outline of Subsidies

This assistance program provides grants equal to half the costs of constructing mountain hut lavatories inside Natural Parks, subject to limits on estimated costs.
The new subsidy project framework Mountain Environment Preservation Measures Support Project started from 2011.
Toilet Booth for Using Plastic Bag (Mt. Okina)

Toilet Booth for Using Plastic Bag (Mt. Okina)

Mountain Toilet (Shiretoko)

Mountain Toilet (Shiretoko)

Parties Entitled to Receive Assistance

Prefectural governments and municipal governments that wish to carry out a relevant project inside a Natural Park and private sector businesses that build and equip mountain huts

Facilities for which Assistance may be extended

-- Sewage and human waste treatment facility
-- Waste separation and treatment facility (treatment of food waste, processing facility for empty cans and incinerator), etc.

Criteria for accepting a request submitted to this assistance program (all points must be satisfied)

1. Lodges, rest areas and shelter huts available to mountain hikers and other visitors
2.Locations without access to one of the following: commercial power supply, water supply, sewage systems or roadways.
3.Facilities that perform a public service.
4.Locations that attract a sizeable number of visitors.

Record of Lavatories Construction

Toilets installed at 107 locations in 1999-2008 and 7 locations in 2011.