Nature & Parks

For Coexistence of People and Nature


front cover [PDF 254KB]

Preface - Contents [PDF 158KB]

1. Natural Environment of Japan [PDF 2,268KB]
  • 1.1 Overview of the Japanese Archipelago
  • 1.2 General Information on Land Use
  • 1.3 Vegetation
  • 1.4 Fauna and Flora
  • 1.5 Actual Vegetation Map
2. Administrative System [PDF 1,790KB]
  • 2.1 Summary of the Nature Conservation System
  • 2.2 The 3rd National Biodiversity Strategy (of Japan)
3. Nature Conservation Areas [PDF 682KB]
4. Natural Parks [PDF 3,118KB]
5. Conservation and Restoration of Diverse Natural Environment [PDF 2,461KB]
  • 5.1 Conservation of Forests, Green Tracts and Rivers
  • 5.2 Conservation and Restoration of The Satoyama Landscape
  • 5.3 Nature Restoration
  • 5.4 National Trust Movement
  • 5.5 Natural World Heritage
6. Protection and Management of Wildlife [PDF 5,237KB]
  • 6.1 Protection of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
    6.2 Protection and Management of Wild Birds and Mammals
    6.3 Measures Concerning Invasive Alien Species and Living Modified Organisms
Location Map of Designated Areas for Nature Conservation [PDF 13.3MB]
7. Promotion of Communication with Nature [PDF 6,637KB]
  • 7.1 Establishment of Sites for the Promotion of Communication with Nature in Natural Parks
  • 7.2 Promotion of Activities for Communication with Nature
  • 7.3 Promotion of Ecotourism
8. Walfare and Proper Management of Animals [PDF 1,202KB]
9. National Gardens etc. [PDF 589KB]
10. A Brief History of Administration and Management for Nature Conservation [PDF 782KB]
11. Collection and Use of Information [PDF 3,399KB]
  • 11.1 National Survey on the Natural Environment
  • 11.2 Monitoring Sites 1000
  • 11.3 Information Service
  • 11.4 Biodiversity Center of Japan
12. International Cooperation [PDF 3,333KB]
  • 12.1 International Conventions
  • 12.2 International Cooperation for Developing Countries

Organization of the Ministry of the Environment [PDF 933KB]

back cover [PDF 340KB]

all pages [PDF 46.1MB]