Law relating to Protection of the Environment in Antarctica

(Tentative Translation)

Law No.61 of 1997

Chapter I
General Provisions (Articles 1-4)
Chapter II
Certification of Antarctic Activity Plans (Articles 5-12)
Chapter III
Restrictions on Acts in Antarctica
Section 1
Restrictions on Activities Related to Mineral Resources (Article 13)
Section 2
Restrictions for the Conservation of Fauna and Flora (Article 14)
Section 3
Proper Disposal and Management of Wastes (Articles 15-18)
Section 4
Restrictions for the Protection of Antarctic Specially Protected Areas and Antarctic Historic Sites and Monuments (Articles 19-20)
Chapter IV
Control (Articles 21-23)
Chapter V
Miscellaneous Provisions (Articles 24-28)
Chapter VI
Penal Provisions (Articles 29-33)

Supplementary Provisions