Law relating to Protection of the Environment in Antarctica_Chapter V [MOE]


Article 24

1. The provisions of this Law shall not apply to pollution of the atmosphere, contamination of the quality of water (including deterioration of water condition other than water quality and of the quality of bottom sediment), and pollution of the soil in Antarctica caused by radioactive material, or to measures for the prevention thereof.

2. The provisions of Article 22, paragraph 1 shall not apply to the discharge of waste from a ship or aircraft into the sea area of Antarctic or to the incineration of waste on a ship in the sea area of Antarctica.

3. The provisions of Articles, paragraphs 1 and 3; Article 11, paragraph 7; Article 14, paragraphs 1 and 2; Article 16; and Articles 18 through 20 shall not apply to acts designated as emergency and compelling cases by an ordinance of the Prime Minister's Office such as acts to protect human life or the human body.

4. Any person performing acts referred to in the preceding paragraph shall, without delay after completing the acts, report the performance of the said acts and circumstances thereof to the Director General of the Environment Agency, pursuant to the provisions of an ordinance of the Prime Minister's Office.

Article 25
The government shall take proper measures to make outlines of the Protocol and this Law (including orders based thereon and decisions made by the Director General of the Environment Agency on the basis thereof) known to persons performing acts in Antarctica and other persons concerned.

Article 26
(Delegation of Powers)

1. The Director General of the Environment Agency may cause an Agency official, who has been designated beforehand, to exercise in Antarctica the powers provided for in Article 11, paragraph s or 6 or Article 23, paragraph 1 or 2.

2. The official referred to in the preceding paragraph shall carry a certificate verifying his/her identity and show the same to the persons concerned.

Article 27
(Transitional Measures)
When issuing, amending, or abolishing an order based on the provisions of this Law, transitional measures (including transitional measures relating to penal provisions) may be adopted to the extent deemed reasonably necessary in order to implement the issuance, amendment, or abolishment of the order.

Article 28
(Entrustment to Ordinances of the Prime Minister's Office)
Other than the provisions of this Law, the procedures for the implementation of this Law and other matters necessary for the enforcement of this Law shall be determined by ordinances of the Prime Minister's Office.