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"Approach to Japanese Emission Trading Scheme Interim Report" Released

May 20, 2008

Taking into account Japan's current situation, the Director-General of the Global Environment Bureau of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, formed an "Advisory Committee on Emissions Trading Scheme" to explore concrete scheme designs.
The Advisory Committee made an in-depth study on the specific design of a possible emissions trading scheme in order to contribute to decision-making concerning its introduction. The considerations were conducted from the viewpoint of: effectiveness and feasibility, with due consideration to the current situation in Japan. The committee released the final Interim Report "Approach to Japanese Emission Trading Scheme" on May 20, 2008.
"With due attention to our domestic current situation and circumstances, we have put forward four scheme options for discussion with comments on their respective advantages and disadvantages. All of the four options proposed mandate absolute emissions caps to covered entities."
"We are sincerely hopeful that the results of our work will serve as a platform for policy-making discussions on Japanese emissions trading scheme."

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