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"Eco-internship Symposium" to be held on February 13th 2008

January 17, 2008

The "Eco-internship program" implemented by the Ministry of the Environment from the beginning of this fiscal year, is a program which includes an internship to send undergraduates or masters students to environmental management divisions of private companies for a short period (approximately a few weeks).
The "Eco-internship Symposium" will be held as part of the program on February 13th 2008 at Nihon Kagaku Miraikan, Tokyo. The symposium will consist of a keynote lecture by Dr. Itaru Yasui, Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University as well as a report of various activities of the eco-internship and a panel discussion by Mr. Ichiro Kamoshita, Minister of the Environment and other members in the field. All programs will be conducted in Japanese.

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