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2005 Enforcement Status of the Basel Law

March 31, 2006

The Ministry of the Environment has published the status of the enforcement of the Law for the Control of Export, Import and Others of Specified Hazardous Wastes and Other Wastes (the Basel Law) for the period between January and December of 2005. The number of export and import cases of specified hazardous wastes for which movement documents were issued included 101 cases (totaling 6,766 tons) and 113 cases (totaling 5,405 tons) respectively. Exported specified hazardous wastes included lead scrap, soldering ball, lead ash, copper scrap, and nickel sludge, all of which were for the purpose of metal recovery. Imported specified hazardous wastes include nickel-cadmium battery scrap, copper sludge, zinc sludge, scrap of electronic parts, silver sludge, glass cullet (crushed cathode-ray tubes), ash containing copper, metal scrap, circuit board scrap, fluorescent lamp scrap, and fly ash, all of which were for the purpose of metal recovery and/or glass recycling. No administrative dispositions, including collection of reports, were made.

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