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February 09, 2007
  • Air & Transportation

Status of Photochemical Oxidant Warnings and Reported Damages in 2006

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) made an announcement about the status of photochemical oxidant warnings* issued and reported damages caused by photochemical air pollution in 2006. Photochemical oxidant warnings were issued in 25 prefectures in 2006, with the total of days issued numbering 177. In addition, the number of reported damages totaled 289 people in eight prefectures.

*Paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Air Pollution Control Law stipulates that when the one hour value of the concentration of photochemical oxidant exceeds 0.12ppm and the status is expected to continue due to weather conditions, a warning should be issued to prevent damage to human health or the living environment.

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