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December 25, 2006
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Ceremony to Celebrate the Completion of the Plant that Produces Bio-ethanol from Waste Wood

In January 2007, a commercial plant that produces bio-ethanol from waste wood will be completed in Sakai, Osaka. The ceremony to celebrate the completion of this plant will be held on January 16, 2007. This plant is Japan's first commercial plant for production of bio-ethanol from waste wood. The Ministry of the Environment has subsidized the construction since 2004. This plant is expected to be a base for Japan's bio-ethanol production.

Further information of the ceremony is as follows:
SPONSOR: Bio Ethanol Japan Kansai Co. LTD.
DATE&TIME: January 16, 2007 14:30-
PLACE: In the bio-ethanol plant,
Bio Ethanol Japan Kansai Co. LTD.
4-2-7 Shinmachi, Chikukou, Nishi-ku,
Sakai City, Osaka

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