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Seminar on Sound Material-Cycle Society, Circular Economy, and 3Rs among Japan, China, and Korea

February 24, 2006

The Ministry of the Environment Japan held the 1st Seminar on Sound Material-Cycle Society, Circular Economy, and 3Rs among Japan, China and Korea on the 23rd and 24th of February 2006 in Tokyo. Participants represented national and local governments, businesses, and civil societies of the three countries. The seminar included discussions on the partnership among stakeholders to promote 3Rs, based on the presentations and information exchanges of national and local policies and case studies. Participants deepened their understanding regarding the situations of the three countries, and proposed the possible elements of, and framework for their cooperation. It was concluded that they would continue discussions on 3R activities in the future.
They also had an excursion to Kawasaki Eco-town in Kawasaki.

For the Agenda, see attached PDF file.

Main topics of discussion
Session 1: The Role of Stakeholders in Promoting the 3R Activities
Presentations were given by the representatives of the three countries with regard to the national and local governments' policies to promote the 3R activities. There were discussions on financial and information support schemes by governments, and responsibility and cost sharing among manufacturers of products and those who generate waste, etc.

Session 2: Cooperation among Local Governments, Businesses, and Civil Societies
Presentations were provided by local governments, businesses, and civil societies, on the implementation of laws and regulations, approaches made to the civil societies regarding cooperation, and partnership with businesses. There were discussions on the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, schemes to manage partnerships, etc.

Session 3: Future Actions
Several proposals were made on future cooperation among three countries: themes of coming seminars, such as management policy, recycling and disposal technologies of particular wastes, strengthening of information exchanges through focal points of each country, and collaborative researches. These discussions on the cooperative activities among the three countries will be continued.

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