Press Release

July 05, 2010
  • Air & Transportation

Achievement Status of the "Countermeasures against Shinkansen Railway Noise above 75dB" for Sanyo Shinkansen

In response to the completion of the "Countermeasures against 75dB" targeting Sanyo Shinkansen framed based upon the "Countermeasures against Shinkansen Super Express Railway Noise above 75dB", which was requested to the concerned governmental agencies by the MOE in May 2006, noise levels were measured for the selected 54 measurement points among the target sections in order to find out the achievement status of the "Countermeasures against 75dB". As a result, noise level met the standard of 75dB at all measurement points within 25 meters from the center of track. When measured within 50 meters from the center of track, however, 1 point exceeded the standard of 75dB. MOE had requested concerned governmental agencies to urgently implement additional measures for the target section containing the measurement point that exceeded the standard.

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