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Public Comments Invited regarding Standards of Facilities for Keeping Invasive Alien Species

July 20, 2006

Large earth bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) and two genera of long-armed scarabs (Euchirus and Propomacrus) are to be designated as "Invasive Alien Species (IAS)" based on the Invasive Alien Species Act as of September 1. The IAS must be kept in facilities that meet the standards set for each type of organism. Between July 20 and August 18, the MOE invites public comments upon the draft standard for keeping Bombus terrestris, Euchirus and Propomacrus. Also invited are comments to the draft amendment of the Ministerial Ordinance of the Invasive Alien Species Act, which enables import of regulated organisms from Fukuoka Airport in addition to the previously designated airports. An overview of comments received will be compiled and disclosed to the public.

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