Photo Report

Minister Koizumi's Official Visit to Iitate Village, Futaba Town, and Okuma Town in Fukushima Prefecture

February 9, 2020

Minister Koizumi visited Nagadoro, Iitate Village to inspect the contaminated soil recycling demonstration project, as well as the towns of Okuma and Futaba where interim facilities to store radioactive soil and waste locate. He met with local mayors, residents, and evacuees to discuss the present situation and listen to their stories. Evacuation advisory to be lifted near Futaba station on March 4, 2020.

At the Experimented Flower Cultivation Site with Iitate Mayor Norio Kanno (left) and Chief of the Nagadoro district, Yoshitomo Shigihara (right)
With Futaba Mayor Shiro Izawa Ahead of the Lift of Evacuation Order
Joint Press Conference on Okuma Town's Announcement of Adopt a 2050 Net Zero Target (with Okuma Mayor Jun Yoshida)