Photo Report

All Japan School Biotope Contest Awards Ceremony for 2019

February 2, 2020

The biennial competition was held in the presence of HIH Crown Prince Akishino. Since 1990, over 700 projects have been entered in the competition. The concept of this ecological system, "biotope" was first advocated by Professor Ernst Haeckel, an eminent German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, and artist. It is a word derived from the Greek words "bio" (life) and "topos" (place).

Congratulatory Speech by State Minister Ishihara
Presenting the Environment Minister's Award
German Ambassador Ina Lepel Presenting the Embassy Award (Tondabayashi Shindo Kindergarten)
With the Environment Minister's Award Winner School (Saitama Prefectural Yasumatsu Elementary School)