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BOOKLET to Provide Basic Information Regarding Health Effects of Radiation (3rd edition)

Thyroid Ultrasound Examination: Outline (2/3)

Thyroid Ultrasound Examination: Outline (2/3)_Figure

The Primary Examination checks whether there are any nodules or cysts and measures the sizes thereof, if any. The Confirmatory Examination is recommended to those who are considered to require a more detailed examination.

In the Confirmatory Examination, a more accurate ultrasound examination, plus blood and urine tests are conducted, and fine-needle aspiration cytology is also conducted when a doctor considers it necessary.

The Thyroid Ultrasound Examination is completed at this point.

Then, individuals who are found to require treatment receive it from their regular healthcare provider, under the relevant medical insurance system.

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  • Updated on March 31, 2021
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