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BOOKLET to Provide Basic Information Regarding Health Effects of Radiation (4th edition)

Construction of Interim Storage Facility

Construction of Interim Storage Facility_Figure

The Reception/Separation Facilities receive the removed soil and waste which is transported from the Temporary Storage Sites in Fukushima Prefecture to the ISF. The soil and waste are unloaded from trucks, taken out from container bags and separated into combustibles and incombustibles. The Soil Storage Facilities store the soil treated at the Reception/Separation Facilities safely in accordance with their radioactivity concentrations and other properties. As waste-related facilities, Temporary Incineration Facilities, Temporary Ash Treatment Facilities, and Waste Storage Facilities are also constructed. At Temporary Incineration Facilities, decontamination waste, disaster waste, and plants, etc. that are combustible are incinerated to minimize the volume. Generated incineration ash, etc. are melted at Temporary Ash Treatment Facilities to further reduce volume. Ash generated at Temporary Ash Treatment Facilities is encapsulated in square steel containers and stored at Waste Storage Facilities made of reinforced concrete, etc.

Construction of these facilities was commenced first for Reception/Separation Facilities and Soil Storage Facilities in November 2016. Then, reception and separation of the removed soil and waste started in June 2017 and storage of the soil sorted out started at the completed Soil Storage Facilities in October 2017. In March 2020, the ISF commenced operations of facilities for all processes of the treatment and storage of removed soil and waste.

At these facilities, safety measures to prevent scattering and leakage of radioactive materials are taken. At the Reception/Separation Facilities, scattering of radioactive materials to outside of the facilities is being prevented by roofs, walls, and double doors and through negative pressure control. Floors are structured not to allow permeation of a liquid for the purpose of preventing contaminated water, etc. from permeating into groundwater. At Soil Storage Facilities, scattering of radioactive materials is prevented by watering, and covering with soil, and permeation into groundwater is prevented by seepage control. Leachate, etc. generated at these facilities is treated properly at a leachate treatment facility and is discharged after water quality management.

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  • Updated on March 31, 2023
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