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PRTR substances

The chemical substances subjected to the PRTR system are defined as “Class I Designated Chemical Substance” under the Act on Confirmation, etc. of Amounts of Release of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof.

“Class I Designated Chemical Substance” is considered to continuously exist in the environment of a considerably wide area judging from its physical and chemical properties, volume of its manufacture, import and usage, and poses a risk of being harmful to human health and ecosystem (including ozone-depleting risk). The number of “Class I Designated Chemical Substance” now totals 462. Within these “Class I Designated Chemical Substance,” 15 chosen substances are designated as “Specific Class I Designated Chemical Substance.” The reporting requirements for these 15 substances are especially stringent.

Further information (ranging from chemical substance property or toxicity to recent release or transfer amount and related acts) is available on “Substances” page of this website. You can find details at the following links:

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Chemical substances subjected to the Act (Class I Designated Chemical Substances)
  -The list of Class I Designated Chemical Substances.
Toxicity of chemical substances subjected to the Act (Class I Designated Chemical Substances Summary Table)
  -The list of hazards considered when designating Class I chemical substances.

Database for the detailed information of chemical substances subjected to the Act (in Japanese)

  -You can search for further information on chemical substances subjected to the Act about substance name, property or toxicity details, usage, and related acts. A search can be made by the substance name, CAS No., substance type (Class I/specific Class I/Class II), or usage, etc.
Chemical Substance Fact Sheets
  -You can search for a fact sheet containing information on property, volume of production, release or transfer amount, reasons for designation, related applicable laws and regulations, etc. Search the substance name, CAS No., etc.(in Japanese)
  * Note: The FY2012 edition of the Chemical Substance Fact Sheets covers 352 substances. The MOE will continue to issue fact sheets for the remaining chemical substances subjected to the Act.


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