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PRTR information plaza Japan
what is the PRTR information plaza?
The characteristics of Japanese PRTR(Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) system is to promote voluntary improvement of the management of chemical substances by business operators and to prevent any impediments to the preservation of the environment by taking measures for the confirmation of release amounts, etc. of specific chemical substances in the environment by business operators. The PRTR information plaza provides you information related to PRTR, from the overview of the PRTR system to the results of data collected.
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2007-6-29 :
The renewed PRTR information plaza is uploaded at the MOE website! This website provides you with basic information on the PRTR system, such as overview of the PRTR system, information on PRTR substances, and relevant laws and regulations. Also most recent PRTR data is available through “Get PRTR data” menu.


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