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List of Research Projects Conducted

List of Research Projects Conducted in FY2012

Strategic Research and Development Area
Global System Change
Environmental Pollution
Health and Ecological Risks
Protection/Restoration of Nature and Ecosystems
Research on Sustainable Society/Policy
Cross-field Studies
Establishment of a Sound Material-cycle Society andthe Next-generation Waste Treatment Technology

Strategic Research and Development Area

total 5 research projects

Project CodeResearch Title
S-10 Integrated Research on the Development of Global Climate Risk Management Strategies Abstract
S-9 Integrative Observations and Assessments of Asian Biodiversity Abstract
S-8 Comprehensive Study on Impact Assessment and Adaptation for Climate Change Abstract
S-7 Scientific Analysis of Regional Air Pollution and Promotion of Air Pollution Management in East Asia Considering Co-benefits Abstract
S-6 Research Project to Establish a Methodology to Evaluate Middle to Long Term Environmental Policy Options toward Asian Low-Carbon Societies (Low-Carbon Asia Research Project) Abstract

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Global System Change

total 13 researches

Project CodeResearch Title
A-1201 Studies on Future Climate Projection in the Asian Region Utilizing CMIP5 Multi-Model Ensemble Data Abstract
A-1202 Characterization and Quantification of Global Methane Emissions by utilizing GOSAT and In-Situ Measurements Abstract
A-1203 Experimental Study of Multiple Impacts of Global Warming and Ocean Acidification on Marine Species Abstract
A-1101 Assessment of the Effects of Reductions of Black Carbon Aerosols as a Measure for Slowing down Global Warming Abstract
A-1102 Study on Precision Improvement of Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Obtained by Analysis of the "IBUKI" Observational Data Abstract
A-1103 Assessment of Impacts of Climate Policy in Japan in the Backdrop of Global Climate Policy Using Integrated Assessment Model Abstract
A-1001 Study on Comparative Evaluation of Mitigation Technology on Greenhouse Gas Emission from Waste Landfills Abstract
A-1002 Mechanism Elucidation and Future Forecast on the Decreasing Trend of Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in the Deep Water of the Japan Sea Abstract
A-1003 Observational Arctic Terrestrial Soil Carbon Dynamics Research and Development of their Modeling for Predicting Arctic Climate Change Under Global Warming Abstract
Rfa-1201 Refinement of Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Models through Model-Data Fusion Constrained by Multiple Satellite-based Products Sound material-cycle society Abstract
Rfa-1202 "Drawing a Research Road Map toward Understanding Carbon Cycle Changes by Integrating Global Environment Observational Data and Models" Abstract
RFa-1101 Archiving of GPS Water Vapor Data for Global Warming Assessment Abstract
RFa-1102 Measuring DMS and VOC Flux at the Ocean-atmosphere Interface and Evaluation of Gas Transfer Co-efficient Abstract

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Environmental Pollution

total 34 researches (incl. 8 research projects under the Special Account for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake)

Project CodeResearch Title
B-1201 Development of Treatability Evaluation Tools and Cleanup Technologies for Bioremediation of 1,4-dioxane Contaminated Groundwater Abstract
B-1202 Integrated Observational and Modeling Study on Kosa Impacts throughout Japan for the Japanese PM2.5 Regulations Abstract
B-1101 Current Status Elucidation and Source Contribution Assessment of PM2.5 Pollution in Collaboration with Environmental Research Institutes across Japan Abstract
B-1102 Evaluation of Function of Littoral Zone and its Dominant Factors in Formation of Lake Water Quality Abstract
B-1103 Development of Low Environmental Impact-systems to Attain Co-benefits Piggery Wastewater Treatment and Forage Rice Production Abstract
B-1104 Collection of Supporting Data to Amend Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law in Registration of Agricultural Chemicals Causing Water Pollution Abstract
B-1105 Evaluation of Effects of Ozone on Japanese Forest Trees Based on Leaf Ozone Uptake Abstract
B-1106 Chemical Oceanography to Elucidate Global Kinetics of Persistent Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) Abstract
B-1107 Elucidation of Form Change of Heavy Metals in Environment Causing Naturally Occurring Soil Contamination Abstract
B-1001 Development of DSi Inflow Load Model in Northeastern Ariake Bay Abstract
B-1003 Development of Monitoring Technique to Assess Impact to Benthic Life by Hypoxia and of Achievement Evaluation Method for Bottom DO Criteria Abstract
B-1004 Analysis of Formation Mechanism of Bottom Environment and Development of Sedimentation Control Technology in Shallow Closed Water Area Abstract
B-1005 Development of Highly Sensitive Dye Nanoparticle-coated Test Strips (DNTS) for On-site Detection of Harmful Inorganic Contaminants Abstract
B-1006 High Precision Origin/History Analysis of Trans-boundary Particulate Matters Using Innovative Single Particle Structure Analyzer Abstract
B-1007 Study on Chemical-pollutant Transport by Beach Litter and Establishment of Public Education Regimes to Reduce its Environmental Risk Abstract
B-1008 Research for Measurement, Dynamics, and Control of Longdistance Transboundary Migration of Atmospheric Mercury Using Mountain as Observation Tower Abstract
B-0806 Development of Selective Removal Technique of Environmental Pollutants Using Template Molecule Mimics Abstract
B-0807 Research on Super Flexible Organic Solar Cells Using New Nano-materials Abstract
RFb-1201 Development of Treatment Technique for Boron and Fluorine Using Magnesium Compounds as Adsorbents Abstract
RFb-1202 Development for High Precision Analysis of Low Molecular Weight Polydimethylsiloxanes and their Distribution in Water Environment Abstract
RFb-1203 Quantitative Evaluation of the Impact of Persistent Organic Pollutants on an Estuarine Ecosystem Abstract
RFb-1101 Development of Anaerobic Bioremediation Technology for Benzene-contaminated Soil and Groundwater Abstract
RFb-1102 Study on Recent Decrease of Nutrients in Harima-Nada Sea and Factor Causing Variation of Nutrient Flux from Rivers Abstract
RFb-1103 Elucidation of Secondary-formation Ability and Emission Sources of Halogenated Aromatic Compounds Associated with Airborne Fine Particles Abstract
RF-1001 Development of Ink-jet Based Aerosol-generation Device to Calibrate Particle Counter at Sampling Site Abstract
RF-1002 Identification and Quantification of Bacterial Groups and their Contribution to Nitrogen Removal at Rice Paddy Field Abstract
ZB-1201 Study on the Environmental Behavior of Radioactive Cesium in Gunma-Prefecture Coming from Fukushima Nuclear Accident Abstract
ZB-1202 Evaluation of Decontamination Radionuclides in the Ecological System Around the Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant and Exposure Assessment for Residents in Present and Near Future Abstract
ZB-1203 Development of Small-scale and Distributed Process for Cesium Recovery from the Environment using Support-immobilized Adsorbent Abstract
ZB-1204 Development of a Volume Reduction System Using an Air-lift Mixing Washer for Soil Contaminated with Radioactive Cesium Abstract
ZB-1205 Development of Biological Treatment System Antiscattering, Removing, Immobilizing Radionuclei in Soil Abstract
ZB-1206 Research Development of New Practical Technology on Removal of Radioactive Materials from Radiation-contaminated Soils Abstract
ZRFb-1201 Prediction of Future Trend on Micro-pollutant Levels in Environment after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Establishment of Environmental Sample Archive for Future Disaster Abstract
ZRFb-12T1 Literature Review on Transport and Fate of Deposited Radioactive Materials in a Watershed Abstract

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Health and Ecological Risks

total 27 researches (incl. 2 research projects under the Special Account for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake)

Project CodeResearch Title
S2-11 Research on the Evaluation of Human Impact of Low Frequency Noise from Wind Turbine Generators Abstract
S2-12 Studies on Mechanisms by which Environmental Chemicals Affect Developing Nervous System and Immunological System Abstract
C-1251 Generation Specific Health Impairment by Dioxins Exposure Its Association with Genome Diversity Abstract
C-1252 Effect of Maternal Exposure to Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals on Sex Development and Gonadal Function Abstract
C-1101 Development and Application of Specific Bioprobes for Rapid Asbestos Detection to Reduce Asbestos Risk at Demolition Sites Abstract
C-1102 Development of Quantitative Risk Assessment Method of Pesticide to Enable Selection of Appropriate Risk-management Practice of Usage Abstract
C-1151 Exposure Assessment to Plastisizer and Flame Retardants and their Risk on Children's Allergies Abstract
C-1152 Quantitative Evaluation of Desert Dust (Asian Dust) on Respiratory Allergy Risk, Taking into Consideration Times Spent Outside Abstract
C-1153 A Risk and Benefit Assessment of Chemical Exposures and Fish Intake in Females and Infants Abstract
C-1154 Research to Reveal Association of Human Health and Asian Dust by the Clinical and Basic Study Abstract
C-1155 Studies on Biological Effects and Clarification of the Mechanisms of Asian Dust Aerosol, Attached Microorganisms and Chemical Substances Abstract
C-1001 Evaluation of Validity and Predictability of Air Quality Modeling for Urban PM2.5 Abstract
C-1002 New Analysis Method for Internal Mixture State of Diesel-origin Nanoparticles (Contribution to Health-risk Research) Abstract
C-1003 Environmental Risk Minimization Method Based on Lifecycle Risk Assessment and Alternative Assessment for Persistent Organic Pollutant, such as HBCD, in Products Abstract
C-1004 Risk Management Strategy for Industry-environmental Systems Abstract
C-1005 Epidemiological Study on Effects of Chemical Composition of Airborne Particulate Matter and Ozone on Asthma Attacks Abstract
C-1006 Investigation into Effect of Environmental Chemicals to Placental Nutrient Transport Activity in Pregnant Women Abstract
C-1007 Molecular Toxicology Study for Risk Assessment of Combined Exposure to Environmental Chemicals Abstract
C-1008 Case-control Study on Epigenetic Alteration of Human Sperm of Environmental Chemical Disrupters Abstract
C-0803 Development of Artificial Tissue-Nanodevice Sensor Complex for Versatile Application to Risk Assessment of Health Abstract
RFc-1201 Development of a Simple and Rapid Dioxin Bioassay System with Sample Preparation Method Abstract
RFc-1202 Exposure Assessment for Nano-products using Chamber Method Abstract
RF-1003 Development of Monitoring System for Effects of Environmental Stress on Animals Abstract
RF-1004 Development of Assessment and Management Technique to Evaluate Environmental Pollution of PPCPs and Surfactants by Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Test and Toxicity Identification Using Aquatic/ Benthic Organisms Abstract
RF-1005 Development of High-throughput Screening of Genotoxins Using Genetic Approach Abstract
ZC-1201 Effectiveness of Indicator Microorganisms for Water Pollution Caused by Waterborne Pathogens and Evaluation of Disinfection Technology Abstract
ZRFc-1201 Investigation on Biomagnification and Toxicological Risk of Anthropogenic Chemicals Released to Marine Ecosystem of Off-Tohoku after Great East Japan Earthquake Abstract

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Protection/Restoration of Nature and Ecosystems

total 23 researches (incl. 3 research projects under the Special Account for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake)

Project CodeResearch Title
D-1201 Biodiversity Conservation Represented by Ketupa blakistoni blakistoni and Grus japonensis: Comparison of Hokkaido with the Russian Far East Abstract
D-1202 Dam Development and Environmental Conservation in the International River, the Mekong - the Assessment of Ecological Services in Reservoirs Abstract
D-1101 Development of Integrated Control Methods and Systems for Invasive Alien Animals Abstract
D-1102 Stable Isotope Indicators for Evaluating Ecosystem Functions of Biodiversity Abstract
D-1103 Developing and Evaluating Capture Methods of Sika Deer for Ecosystem Management in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park Abstract
D-1104 Study on Tidal-flat Benthic Communities and Ecosystem Functions for the Conservation of Amakusa and Shimabara Shores, Western Kyushu, Japan Abstract
D-1105 Studies on Grassland Biodiversity and Sustainability of Nomadic Production in Semiarid Regions of North-East Asia Abstract
D-1106 Study on Ecosystem and its Appropriate Management on the Miyakejima Island Damaged by the Eruption in 2000 Abstract
D-1001 Evaluation of Adaptive Properties of Grassland Plants on Soil Environments and Development of Conservation Methods of Seminatural Grassland Plants in Japan Abstract
D-1002 Development of Retrospective Monitoring Techniques for Lake Ecosystems Abstract
D-1003 Development of a Prediction and Decision Support System for Wildlife Management Abstract
D-1004 Development of a Conservation System for Lake Ecosystems by Top-down Effects of Fishes Abstract
D-1005 Research on Experimental Studies for Upgrading the REDD Mechanism in Ways that Incorporate Ecosystem Services and Values Abstract
D-1006 Maximizing the Co-benefits of REDD in the Biodiversity Conservation of Tropical Rain Forests Abstract
D-1007 Sustainable Conservation Management of Isolated Primate Populations in Areas of Human Habitation Abstract
D-1008 Research on Evaluation and Prediction Methods for Biodiversity Dynamics and Development of Environmental Indicators Using Biodiversity Informatics Abstract
RFd-1201 Genetic Introgression to a Native Endangered Bitterling by Introduction of an Endangered Congenic Fish in Ehime, Japan Abstract
RFd-1202 A Study on the Establishment of an Environmental Harmony Tape Pollination Style in the Native Bumblebees Abstract
RFd-1101 Plant Response to Environmental Change: Exploring the Mechanism of General Flowering by Integrating Molecular and Modeling Approaches Abstract
RFd-1102 Biodiversity Informatics and Development of Ex-situ Conservation Techniques of Endangered Species: a Case Study on Charalean Algae Abstract
ZD-1201 Diffusion Process of Radioactive Materials in Ecosystems of Coastal Sea Areas Abstract
ZD-1202 Migration of Radionuclides and Biological Accumulation in Forest-Stream Ecosystems of Channel Networks Abstract
ZD-1203 Robustness and Fragility of Spring Water Ecosystems: Restoration of Ecosystem Functions after the Tsunami Abstract

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Research on Sustainable Society/Policy

total 17 researches (incl. 3 research projects under the Special Account for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake)

Project CodeResearch Title
E-1201 Study on an Agreeable and Effective International Institution concerning Climate Change for Years After 2020 Abstract
E-1202 District-Based Modeling of Energy-Related Urban Activities towards Sustainable Cities and Proposals for Policy Measures Abstract
E-1203 Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Strategies for Permafrost Regions in Mongolia Abstract
E-1101 Strategy to Enhance Resilience to Climate and Ecosystem Changes Utilizing Traditional Bio-production Systems in Rural Asia Abstract
E-1102 A Proposal of Coastal Zone Management Based on Quantification, Economic Evaluation and Analysis of Spatio-temporal Variability of the Provisioning Service of Seagrass Beds Abstract
E-1103 Environmental Friendly Agriculture Based on Community Resources: A Strategy for Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Abstract
E-1104 Development and Practice of Advanced Basin Model in Asia -toward Adaptation of Climate Changes- Abstract
E-1105 Design and Implementation Process of Building Blocks for Realizing Low Carbon Society Abstract
E-1106 Study on Supply Chain for Low Carbon in the Area Including Asia Abstract
E-1001 Co-benefit Study on Development of GHG Mitigation Technologies toward Asian Low-Carbon Society Abstract
E-1002 Incentive of Local Community for REDD and Semidomestication of Non-timber Forest Products Abstract
E-1003 A Study on Urban Infrastructure and Institution for Low Carbon Transport Systems Focusing on Electric Vehicle Utilization Abstract
RFe-1201 Study on possible Post-MDGs and its Governance Architecture under the Planetary Boundaries Abstract
RFe-1101 Enetourism: Methane Fermentation System Using Hot Spring with the Tourist Participatory Approach Abstract
ZE-1201 Development of Community Based Business Model for Spread of Solar Photovoltaic Systems through Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Abstract
ZE-1202 A Study for Changing Values, Risk Perception and Acceptance towards Technology and the Society Abstract
ZE-1203 Action Research on Effective Decontamination Operations with due regard to Local Conditions in Fukushima Abstract

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Cross-field Studies

total 8 researches (incl. 3 research projects under the Special Account for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake)

Project CodeResearch Title
F-1201 Development of “Motase-type” Decentralized Energy System based on Cooperation of Demand-Supply Units at the Lowest Level Where Renewable Energy is Produced Effectively Abstract
F-1101 Development of Evaluation Method of Ecosystem Services to Find Good Balance between Climate Change Prevention and Biodiversity Conservation Abstract
F-1102 Ecological Evaluation and Material Flow Analysis of Tidal Flat and Eelgrass Bed Ecosystems Constructed with Steel Slag and Dredged Material Abstract
RFf-1201 A study of the Red-tide Damage Mitigation to the Aquaculture Industry using the Red-tide Observations System Abstract
RFf-1101 Development of Recycling and Production Method of Solargrade Si by Molten Salt Electro-refining Abstract
ZF-1201 Study on Scenarios and Measures for Realizing Changes in the Electricity Supply Mix after the Great East Japan Earthquake Abstract
ZF-1202 A study on Public Perception of Environmental Health Risk and the Change after the Great East Japan Earthquake Abstract
ZF-1203 Rapid Rendering of Harmful Matter in Rubbles by Microwave Processing -Protection of Asbestos and Dioxin Scattering- Abstract

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Establishment of a Sound Material-cycle Society andthe Next-generation Waste Treatment Technology

total 98 researches (incl. 10 research projects under the Special Account for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake)

Project CodeResearch Title
J112001 Demonstration Project of Generating Energy-value from Wastewater by Hydrothermal Gasification Process Abstract
J112002 Development of Low Carbon Type Shaft Furnace for Worldwide Waste Treatment Abstract
J113003 Development of a Sorting System for Asbestos Containing Construction Material Abstract
J112004 Development of Ethanol Conversion Process Using Biomass Recovered from MSW Abstract
J113005 Cooperative Research and Development of Hollow Carbon Microparticles from Lignin by Utilization of Black Liquor Abstract
J112006 Developing Recycle Technique of Calcium Hydroxide, Byproduct in Acetylene Gas Process from Calcium Carbide Abstract
J113007 Development of Composites with Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) Derived from Untapped Biomass and Wasted Fiber-reinforced Plastic (FRP), and its Small Batch Production System Abstract
J112008 Development of Advanced Phosphorus Recovery Technology from Sludge of Night Soil/Johkasoh by HAP Method Abstract
J122001 Development of a High-Performance and Low-Cost Stoker Type Incinerator using New Combustion Technology Abstract
J123002 Use of Soft-Hydrothermal Processing to Improve and Recycle Waste Mushroom Substrate for Sawdust and or Corn-Cob Substrate Cultivation Media Abstract
J123003 Development of an Advanced Glass Recycling System for End-of-life Products such as Liquid Crystal Displays and Vehicles Abstract
J122004 Technical Development for Recycling the Water-Purifying Sludge in the Gardening Soil Abstract
K2401 Development of Continuous Production Technology of Highquality Biodiesel Fuel Using Acid Oil By-produced in Edible Oil Processing Abstract
K2402 Assessment of Slope Stability of Deposited Solid Waste at Sites of Illegal Dump and Other Inappropriate Disposal Abstract
K2403 Development of Advanced Technology and Management System of Highly Energy-saving and Low-carbon Society Johkaso Abstract
K2404 Development of Analytical Model on Phosphorus Recovery and Utilization Abstract
K2405 Development of Decision Support System for Supporting Consumer’s Environmentally Conscious Action Abstract
K2406 Complete Decomposing of Perfluoro Compounds and F-Recovery Using In-line Type Plasma Reactor in Liquid Abstract
K2407 Establishment of Microbiological Assessment for Safe and Available Compost Application Abstract
K2408 Recycling Process of Wasted Ink for Fabrication of High Strength Titanium Reinforced with Carbon Black Particles Abstract
K2409 Development of Environmental Assessment Technique of Johkaso System as an Infrastructure for Supporting Sustainable Society Abstract
K2410 Systems Analysis for Biomass Utilization Based on Local Sound Material-cycle Society Blocks Abstract
K2411 Development of Advanced Ethanol Fermentation Technology Using Mutated-fused Yeast Abstract
K2412 Investigation of Discharge Behavior in Final Landfill Site and Countermeasure Technology of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) Abstract
K2413 Development of Assessment Methodology for Preferable Sound Material-cycle Blocks and Scenario Analysis Abstract
K2414 Development of New Treatment Method for Sulfur Oxide and Nitrogen Oxide from Exhausted Gas Using Magnesium-Aluminum Oxide Abstract
K2415 Research of Strategic Phosphorus Resource Recycling System by Local Production for Local Consumption from Iwate Abstract
K2416 Research on Recycling of Salt the By-product according to Waste Management Abstract
K2417 Scenario Analysis on Economic Feasibility and Evaluation of Biomass Utilization Abstract
K2418 Control Technology of Air and Water Pollutants Using Recovered Phosphorus Resources Abstract
K2419 Study on the Transportation and Storage of Wasted Heat from Refuse Incineration Plants at Ambient Temperature Abstract
K2420 Investigation of Biomass Utilization Strategy Aimed at Regional Activation Abstract
K113001 Environmental Sound Management of Hazardous Metals such as Mercury in Cyclical Use Abstract
K113002 Planning System to Apply Japanese Circular Technologies and Policy System in Asian Cities Abstract
K112003 Research on Recycling Certification in Asia (ReCA) Abstract
K113004 Establishment of a Methodology for Environmentally Sound Quality Control of Wastes and By-products toward Standardization in East Asian Countries Abstract
K112005 Development and Analysis of Reaction Mechanisms of Efficient Organic Acid Fermentation Technology from Organic Waste Abstract
K113006 Development of System for Saccharification of Lignocellulosic Biomass Waste Using Solid Acidic Catalysts Abstract
K112007 Development and Evaluation of High-efficient Saccharification Processing of Lignocellulosic Biomass by Irradiation with Quantum Beams Abstract
K113008 Research on the Proper Treatment of Waste Glass Materials Abstract
K113009 Research on Inspection Methods and Recovery Techniques for Healthy Landfill Functions Abstract
K113010 Development of Strategy on Transfer of Japanese Venous Industry to Asia Abstract
K113011 Establishment of Safe and Effective Recycling System for Hazardous Products and Components Abstract
K113012 Environmental Impact Analysis and Policy Comparison Study for Sound Management and Recycling of Battery Abstract
K113015 Development of Technologies Achieving Early Stabilization of Waste in Landfills Mainly Accepting Intermediate Treatment Residues Abstract
K113016 Development of Solar Fuel and Chemical Production System from Biomass and Carbon Dioxide Abstract
K113017 Study on Ensuring Reliability and Effective Utilization of Described Information in Manifests for Industrial Waste Management Abstract
K113018 Bioethanol Production by Magnetic Nanoparticles Immobilized Biocatalyst and Development of Biodegradable Composites Compatibilizing Processing Abstract
K113019 The Study of Bioethanol Manufacturing System from Agricultural Wastes by Cascade Type Recycling Process Abstract
K112020 Recycling Phosphorus in Organic Wastes Using Bacterial Enzymes Abstract
K113021 Policy Effect Analyses of Municipality Policy and Behavior Modification Program on 3R Abstract
K113022 Study on Appropriate Treatment of Bulky and Noncombustible Municipal Solid Waste Abstract
K113023 Study on Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Management with a Main Emphasis on Household Chemicals Abstract
K113024 Establishment of Screening Methods of Asbestos-containing Construction Materials, and Safety Assessment of Recycled Crushed Stone Abstract
K113025 Visualization and Optimization of Thermochemical Destruction of Organohalogen Compounds Abstract
K113026 Quantitative and Structure Analysis of Psychological Factors which Cause Improper Manual Separation of Recyclable Wastes Abstract
K113027 Appropriate Countermeasure and Technology Transfer on Waste Landfill Leachate as Development of Urban Waste Management in Asia Abstract
K113029 Development of High Selective Separation Technology Using Sulfurized Waste Biomass Adsorbent Abstract
K113030 3R Promotion through Waste Biomass Utilization in Japan and Asian Regions Abstract
K112031 Recovery of Rare Metals by Using Inorganic Layered Oxides Abstract
K113032 Formation Pathways and Health Risk Assessment of Halogenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Waste Incinerator Abstract
K112033 Reforming of Herbaceous and Woody Biomass by Normal Temperature Deoiling and Dewatering Technology Abstract
K123001 End of Life Vehicles (ELVs), Their Resource Potential and Environmental System Analysis Abstract
K123002 Comprehensive Studies on Development and Expansion of a Recycling-System for a Purpose of Cultivating Venous Industries in Developing Countries Abstract
K123003 A 100% Dry System for the Complete Decomposition of Fiber Reinforced Plastics and Their Recycling Technology Abstract
K123004 Development of Waste Biomass Gasification and Multi-Stage Catalytic Gas Conversion Processes for Providing Regional Energy Abstract
K123005 Development of Deliquoring Method of Biological Sludge by Ultrahigh-Pressure Expression Combined with Breakage Aggregation Process Abstract
K123006 Development of Selective Recovery Processes for Gallium and Valuable Metals by Using Foam Chromatography Abstract
K123007 Biofuel Production from Glycerol Discharged after Bio-Diesel Manufacturing Process Abstract
K123008 Development of Microbial Conversion Technologies Related to Utilization of Waste Mushroom Bed as the Local Biomass Resources Abstract
K123009 Development of 3-hydroxybutyric acid Production Technology from Wood using Halomonas Abstract
K123010 A Development of Efficient Recycling Technology for Waste Organic Solvent Abstract
K123011 Innovative Enhancement of Power Generation Efficiency in Waste Incinerators by Surface Treatment Technology on Heat Exchanger Tube Abstract
K122012 Development of A Removing Technique in Rinsed Aqueous Waste of Incineration Ash Based on A Capacitive Deionization Abstract
K122013 Material Recycle of Used Primary Battery Abstract
K122014 Characterization of Oil-Degrading Enzymes from Thermophilic Microbes and its Application to the Aerobic Fermentation System Supplemented with Waste Cooking Oil Abstract
K123015 A Development Study on Reinforced Concrete Elements with Clinker-Free Concrete Consisting of Waste-concrete-slug Recycle Cement and By-product Admixture Abstract
K123016 Development and Application of 14C Method for Measuring Fossil CO2 Emission from Waste Incinerator with High Precision Abstract
K122017 Development of Efficient Bioethanol Production Method from Paper Manufacture Waste by Using Ethanol-fermenting Fungi Abstract
K123018 Development of Energy-saving Recovery Process for Rare Earth Metals Applied for Wet Separation and Electrodeposition from Ionic Liquids Abstract
K123019 Several Metal Recovery System from Waste together with Lead Glass based on Dry Assay Abstract
K123020 Simple Degradation and Partial Biodegradation of Mixed Plastic Waste with a Quasi-Enzymatic Photocatalyst System Abstract
K123021 Recovery of Phosphorus from Incineration Ash of Night Soil Treatment Sludge Abstract
K123022 Development of Micro Reaction System for On-site Separation of Rare Metals with Host Compounds Abstract
K123023 Research and Development for Material Processing of Bamboo for Next-Generation Electrochemical Power Sources Abstract
K122024 Effects of Reduce, Reuse and Recycling (3R) on Global Supply Chains of Rare Metals Associated with the Japanese Economy Abstract
K123025 The Study of Novel Sludge Treatment System with Hydrothermal Technology Abstract
K123026 Researches and Development of Non-Heating Resource Recovery Process from Spent Ne-Fe-B Magnets Abstract
K122101 Development of Waste Water Treatments System with Photocatalyst-Coating Electrodeless Lamps Abstract
K122102 Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Residues Containing Radioactive Cesium and Development of Appropriate and Efficient Disposal Technology Abstract
K122103 Studies for Establishment of Long-Term Management Methods for Disposal Facilities of Radioactively Contaminated Wastes Abstract
K122104 Development of Functional Cover Soils by Using Tsunami Sludge to Cover the Excavated Soils of Radiological Contamination Abstract
K122105 Development of Imaging Analysis Method for Radioactively Contaminated Objects by Semiconductor Compton Camera Technology Abstract
K122106 Establishment of the Techniques of Separation, Volume-reduction, and Stabilization of Radioactively Contaminated Soil and Waste using Thermal Treatment Abstract
K122107 Establishment of a Disaster Reduction Oriented Decentralized Johkasou System Abstract
K123108 Study on Proper Management of Asbestos in Disaster Waste Treatment Abstract
K122109 Development of Offshore Final Disposal Facility for Radiation-Contaminated Wastes Abstract
K122110 Research on Prevention of Secondary Damage by Tracing Drifting Paths of Floating Debris originated from the Great East Japan Earthquake Abstract

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