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List of Research Projects Conducted

List of Research Projects Conducted in FY2011

Strategic Research and Development Area
Global System Change
Environmental Pollution
Health and Ecological Risks
Protection/Restoration of Nature and Ecosystems
Research on Sustainable Society/Policy
Cross-field Studies
Establishment of a Sound Material-cycle Society andthe Next-generation Waste Treatment Technology

Strategic Research and Development Area

total 5 research projects

Project CodeResearch Title
S-9Integrative Observations and Assessments of Asian BiodiversityAbstract
S-8Comprehensive Study on Impact Assessment and Adaptation for Climate ChangeAbstract
S-7Scientific Analysis of Regional Air Pollution and Promotion of Air Pollution Management in East Asia Considering Co-benefitsAbstract
S-6Research Project to Establish a Methodology to Evaluate Middle to Long Term Environmental Policy Options toward Asian Low-Carbon Societies (Low-Carbon Asia Research Project)Abstract
S-5Integrated Research on Climate Change Scenarios to Increase Public Awareness and Contribute to the Policy ProcessAbstract

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Global System Change

total 15 researches

Project CodeResearch Title
A-1101Assessment of the Effects of Reductions of Black Carbon Aerosols as a Measure of Slowing down Global WarmingAbstract
A-1102Study on Precision Improvement of Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Obtained by Analysis of the "IBUKI"Observational DataAbstract
A-1103Assessment of Impacts of Climate Policy in Japan in the Backdrop of Global Climate Policy Using Integrated Assessment ModelAbstract
A-1001Study on Comparative Evaluation of Mitigation Technology on Greenhouse Gas Emission from Waste LandfillsAbstract
A-1002Mechanism Elucidation and Future Forecast on the Decreasing Trend of Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in the Deep Water of the Japan SeaAbstract
A-1003Observational Arctic Terrestrial Soil Carbon Dynamics Research and Development of their Modeling for Predicting Arctic Climate Change Under Global WarmingAbstract
A-0901Above-ground and Below-ground Forest Carbon Budgeting by Multi-temporal Airborne Laser AltimetryAbstract
A-0902Integrated Impact of Vegetation and Aerosol Changes on Asian Monsoon ClimateAbstract
A-0903Development of a Next Generation System for Monitoring the Atmospheric Environment and Estimating the Emission Inventory of Related SpeciesAbstract
A-0904Quantitative Studies on the Cycles of Some Global Warming Gases and Related Materials through their IsotopomersAbstract
RFa-1101Archiving of GPS Water Vapor Data for Global Warming AssessmentAbstract
RFa-1102Measuring DMS and VOC Flux at the Ocean-atmosphere Interface and Evaluation of Gas Transfer Co-efficientAbstract
RF-1006Quantifying the Change in Aboveground Carbon Stocks by Forest Management Using Airborne LiDAR and PALSARAbstract
RF-1007Refinement of Terrestrial Biosphere Models and its Downscaling Using GOSAT Satellite DataAbstract
RF-1008Studies of Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosols: Impact on Earth’s Radiation BalanceAbstract

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Environmental Pollution

total 40 researches

Project CodeResearch Title
S2-05Development of Novel Real-time Detector of Nitro-compounds Using High-sensitivity SpectroscopyAbstract
S2-06Real-time Monitor of Nitro Organic Compounds from Diesel Vehicle Exhaust Using PTR-TOFMSAbstract
S2-07Development of Rapid and Low-cost Analytical System of Inorganic Soil PollutantsAbstract
S2-08Development of Quick and Low-cost Chemical Analytical Method for Toxic Metals in Contaminated SoilAbstract
B-1101Current Status Elucidation and Source Contribution Assessment of PM2.5 Pollution in Collaboration with Environmental Research Institutes across JapanAbstract
B-1102Evaluation of Function of Littoral Zone and its Dominant Factors in Formation of Lake Water QualityAbstract
B-1103Development of Low Environmental Impact-systems to Attain Co-benefits Piggery Wastewater Treatment and Forage Rice ProductionAbstract
B-1104Collection of Supporting Data to Amend Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law in Registration of Agricultural Chemicals Causing Water PollutionAbstract
B-1105Evaluation of Effects of Ozone on Japanese Forest Trees Based on Leaf Ozone UptakeAbstract
B-1106Chemical Oceanography to Elucidate Global Kinetics of Persistent Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs)Abstract
B-1107Elucidation of Form Change of Heavy Metals in Environment Causing Naturally Occurring Soil ContaminationAbstract
B-1001Development of DSi Inflow Load Model in Northeastern Ariake BayAbstract
B-1002Investigation of Environmental Impact of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) and Development of Emission Reduction Method of PFCsAbstract
B-1003Development of Monitoring Technique to Assess Impact to Benthic Life by Hypoxia and of Achievement Evaluation Method for Bottom DO CriteriaAbstract
B-1004Analysis of Formation Mechanism of Bottom Environment and Development of Sedimentation Control Technology in Shallow Closed Water AreaAbstract
B-1005Development of Highly Sensitive Dye Nanoparticle-coated Test Strips (DNTS) for On-site Detection of Harmful Inorganic ContaminantsAbstract
B-1006High Precision Origin/History Analysis of Trans-boundary Particulate Matters Using Innovative Single Particle Structure AnalyzerAbstract
B-1007Study on Chemical-pollutant Transport by Beach Litter and Establishment of Public Education Regimes to Reduce its Environmental RiskAbstract
B-1008Research for Measurement, Dynamics, and Control of Longdistance Transboundary Migration of Atmospheric Mercury Using Mountain as Observation TowerAbstract
B-0901Improving Kosa Forecasting Model with Assimilated LIDAR Monitoring Network Data and Assessing Human Health/ Environmental Effects of Kosa due to Adsorbed BioaerosolsAbstract
B-0902Research on Impacts of Asian Dust on our Health and EnvironmentAbstract
B-0903Studies on Origin, Long-range Atmospheric Transport and Photochemical Transformation of Organic Aerosols in East Asia and North PacificAbstract
B-0904Source-identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Asian Environments and Evaluation of Long-range Migration of PAHsAbstract
B-0905Study on Potential Threat Caused by Organic Pollutants in the Japan Sea RegionAbstract
B-0906Development of Integrated Environmental Management for Changjiang River Basin to Conserve Sound Environmental Conditions in East China SeaAbstract
B-0907Novel Environmental Catalysts for Complete Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds at Moderate TemperaturesAbstract
B-0908Research of Effects in Inner Bay Ecosystem by Increased Nutrient Inputs during Rain EventsAbstract
B-0909Development of High-frequency Monitoring Method for Distributions of Transparency in Waters Using Remote SensingAbstract
B-0910Establishment of Monitoring System of Seagrass Beds by GIS Database Integrating Field Census DataAbstract
B-0911Development of Brook Renovation Technology Using Molded Zeolite and Aquatic PlantsAbstract
B-0912Development of Low-cost and Simple All-Inkjet-Printed Water Quality Monitoring Chip Using Nanoparticle-based Chemical Sensing InksAbstract
B-0806Development of Selective Removal Technique of Environmental Pollutants Using Template Molecule MimicsAbstract
B-0807Research on Super Flexible Organic Solar Cells Using New Nano-materialsAbstract
B-0702Development of High Capacity Capacitor Using High-energy Density Surface BoundaryAbstract
RFb-1101Development of Anaerobic Bioremediation Technology for Benzene-contaminated Soil and GroundwaterAbstract
RFb-1102Study on Recent Decrease of Nutrients in Harima-Nada Sea and Factor Causing Variation of Nutrient Flux from RiversAbstract
RFb-1103Elucidation of Secondary-formation Ability and Emission Sources of Halogenated Aromatic Compounds Associated with Airborne Fine ParticlesAbstract
RFb-11T1Study on Load Estimation of Non-point Source PollutionAbstract
RF-1001Development of Ink-jet Based Aerosol-generation Device to Calibrate Particle Counter at Sampling SiteAbstract
RF-1002Identification and Quantification of Bacterial Groups and their Contribution to Nitrogen Removal at Rice Paddy FieldAbstract

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Health and Ecological Risks

total 31 researches

Project CodeResearch Title
S2-11Research on the Evaluation of Human Impact of Low Frequency Noise from Wind Turbine GeneratorsAbstract
S2-12Studies on Mechanisms by which Environmental Chemicals Affect Developing Nervous System and Immunological SystemAbstract
S2-09Development of Systematic Assessment of Ecosystem Risk Impact Using MicrocosmAbstract
C-1101Development and Application of Specific Bioprobes for Rapid Asbestos Detection to Reduce Asbestos Risk at Demolition SitesAbstract
C-1102Development of Quantitative Risk Assessment Method of Pesticide to Enable Selection of Appropriate Risk-management Practice of UsageAbstract
C-1151Exposure Assessment to Plastisizer and Flame Retardants and their Risk on Children's AllergiesAbstract
C-1152Quantitative Evaluation of Desert Dust (Asian Dust) on Respiratory/Allergy Risk, Taking into Consideration Times Spent OutsideAbstract
C-1153A Risk and Benefit Assessment of Chemical Exposures and Fish Intake in Females and InfantsAbstract
C-1154Research to Reveal Association of Human Health and Asian Dust by the Clinical and Basic StudyAbstract
C-1155Studies on Biological Effects and Clarification of the Mechanisms of Asian Dust Aerosol, Attached Microorganisms and Chemical SubstancesAbstract
C-1001Evaluation of Validity and Predictability of Air Quality Modeling for Urban PM2.5 in JapanAbstract
C-1002New Analysis Method for Internal Mixture State of Diesel-origin Nanoparticles (Contribution to Health-risk Research)Abstract
C-1003Environmental Risk Minimization Method Based on Lifecycle Risk Assessment and Alternative Assessment for Persistent Organic Pollutant, such as HBCD, in ProductsAbstract
C-1004Risk Management Strategy for Industry-environmental SystemsAbstract
C-1005Epidemiological Study on Effects of Chemical Composition of Airborne Particulate Matter and Ozone on Asthma AttacksAbstract
C-1006Investigation into Effect of Environmental Chemicals to Placental Nutrient Transport Activity in Pregnant WomenAbstract
C-1007Molecular Toxicology Study for Risk Assessment of Combined Exposure to Environmental ChemicalsAbstract
C-1008Case-control Study on Epigenetic Alteration of Human Sperm of Environmental Chemical DisruptersAbstract
C-0901Study on Biomarkers in the Effect of Diesel Exhaust Nanoparticles on Brain, Liver, Kidney and Reproductive Organs, and Risk AssessmentAbstract
C-0902Interventional Study to Reduce Body Burden of POPs in Young FemalesAbstract
C-0903Investigation on Risk Assessment for Maternal Dioxin Exposure during Pregnancy on Fetal, Neonatal and Infantile Health and DevelopmentAbstract
C-0904Study on Relationship between Infant Atopic Dermatitis and Exposure to Environmental Pollutants Including Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) during Fetal and Infant Period in JapanAbstract
C-0905Assessment of Environmental Risk for Development of Congenital AnomaliesAbstract
C-0906Elucidation of Novel Toxicity Mechanisms of Dioxins that are not Accompanied with AhR ActivationAbstract
C-0803Development of Artificial Tissue-Nanodevice Sensor Complex for Versatile Application to Risk Assessment of HealthAbstract
RFc-1101Exposure Assessment of Market Products Including Nanomaterial in General Use and Disposal ProcessAbstract
RFc-1151Development and Validation of the Epigenomic Analysis System for Chemical Exposure during in vitro CultureAbstract
RF-1003Development of Monitoring System for Effects of Environmental Stress on AnimalsAbstract
RF-1004Development of Assessment and Management Technique to Evaluate Environmental Pollution of PPCPs and Surfactants by Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Test and Toxicity Identification Using Aquatic/ Benthic OrganismsAbstract
RF-1005Development of High-throughput Screening of Genotoxins Using Genetic ApproachAbstract
RF-0909Development of Toxicogenomics Analysis System to Evaluate Actual Combined Toxicities and its On-site ApplicationAbstract

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Protection/Restoration of Nature and Ecosystems

total 31 researches

Project CodeResearch Title
S2-10Research on Estimating Population Size of Bears in JapanAbstract
D-1101Development of Integrated Control Methods and Systems for Invasive Alien AnimalsAbstract
D-1102Stable Isotope Indicators for Evaluating Ecosystem Functions of BiodiversityAbstract
D-1103Developing and Evaluating Capture Methods of Sika Deer for Ecosystem Management in the Shikotsu-Toya National ParkAbstract
D-1104Study on Tidal-flat Benthic Communities and Ecosystem Functions for the Conservation of Amakusa and Shimabara Shores, Western Kyushu, JapanAbstract
D-1105Studies on Grassland Biodiversity and Sustainability of Nomadic Production in Semiarid Regions of North-East AsiaAbstract
D-1106Study on Ecosystem and its Appropriate Management on the Miyakejima Island Damaged by the Eruption in 2000Abstract
D-1001Evaluation of Adaptive Properties of Grassland Plants on Soil Environments and Development of Conservation Methods of Seminatural Grassland Plants in JapanAbstract
D-1002Development of Retrospective Monitoring Techniques for Lake EcosystemsAbstract
D-1003Development of a Prediction and Decision Support System for Wildlife ManagementAbstract
D-1004Development of a Conservation System for Lake Ecosystems by Top-down Effects of FishesAbstract
D-1005Research on Experimental Studies for Upgrading the REDD Mechanism in Ways that Incorporate Ecosystem Services and ValuesAbstract
D-1006Maximizing the Co-benefits of REDD in the Biodiversity Conservation of Tropical Rain ForestsAbstract
D-1007Sustainable Conservation Management of Isolated Primate Populations in Areas of Human HabitationAbstract
D-1008Research on Evaluation and Prediction Methods for Biodiversity Dynamics and Development of Environmental Indicators Using Biodiversity InformaticsAbstract
D-0901Establishment of Methods for Assessing Forest Degradation Caused by Deforestation and Maintenance of BiodiversityAbstract
D-0902Studies on the Conservation Measures of Swamp Forests through Sustainable Use of Ecological Resources by Local CommunitiesAbstract
D-0903Investigation of Biodiversity Conservation on the Basis of Ubiquitous Genotyping of Critically Endangered Plant SpeciesAbstract
D-0904Current Situation of Biodiversity Crisis in the Forest-Alpine Ecotone and its Mechanism under Global ChangeAbstract
D-0905Ecophysiology, Phylogeography and Environmental Sociology on Water Blooms of the Globally Distributed Cyanobacterium Microcystis AeruginosaAbstract
D-0906Assessment and Reinforcement of Natural and Social Capital for Biodiversity Restoration in Rice Paddy EcosystemsAbstract
D-0907Risk Analysis Study on Infectious Disease Transmission from Migratory Birds to Endangered Japanese BirdsAbstract
D-0908Development of a Monitoring System for a Mire/Pond Ecosystem Using Sarobetsu Mire and the Wakasakanai Coastal Dune Mire as a ModelAbstract
D-0909Large-scale Estimations of Ecosystem Functions Using Biological Indexes and Development of Eco-informaticsAbstract
D-0910Integrated Study of the Lake Mikata Ecosystem toward the Restoration Using Japanese Eel and Cyprinid Fish as Icon SpeciesAbstract
RFd-1101Plant Response to Environmental Change: Exploring the Mechanism of General Flowering by Integrating Molecular and Modeling ApproachesAbstract
RFd-1102Biodiversity Informatics and Development of Ex-situ Conservation Techniques of Endangered Species: a Case Study on Charalean AlgaeAbstract
RF-1009Evaluation of Impact from Human Activities on Coral Reef Environments Based on Coral SkeletonAbstract
RF-1010Evaluation of Hybridization Risk and Carbon Fixation Ability in Fragmented Tropical ForestsAbstract
RF-1011Development of Teak Provenancing System in Southeast Asia in Support of Legal LoggingAbstract
RF-0910Study on Genetic Disturbance of Freshwater Fish Species: Genetic Invasions to Native Population by Non-native Population and Predicting the InvasionsAbstract

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Research on Sustainable Society/Policy

total 16 researches

Project CodeResearch Title
E-1101Strategy to Enhance Resilience to Climate and Ecosystem Changes Utilizing Traditional Bio-production Systems in Rural AsiaAbstract
E-1102A Proposal of Coastal Zone Management Based on Quantification, Economic Evaluation and Analysis of Spatio-temporal Variability of the Provisioning Service of Seagrass BedsAbstract
E-1103Environmental Friendly Agriculture Based on Community Resources: A Strategy for Sustainable Development and BiodiversityAbstract
E-1104Development and Practice of Advanced Basin Model in Asia - toward Adaptation of Climate Changes-Abstract
E-1105Design and Implementation Process of Building Blocks for Realizing Low Carbon SocietyAbstract
E-1106Study on Supply Chain for Low Carbon in the Area Including AsiaAbstract
E-1001Co-benefit Study on Development of GHG Mitigation Technologies toward Asian Low-Carbon SocietyAbstract
E-1002Incentive of Local Community for REDD and Semidomestication of Non-timber Forest ProductsAbstract
E-1003A Study on Urban Infrastructure and Institution for Low Carbon Transport Systems Focusing on Electric Vehicle UtilizationAbstract
E-0901Study on Major Countries?EDecision Making Concerning International Negotiation on Future Institution on Climate Change beyond 2012Abstract
E-0902Ecosystem Services Assessment of Satoyama , Satochi and Satoumi to Identify New Commons for Nature-harmonious SocietyAbstract
E-0905Construction of Sustainable and Regional Community Model Based on Agricultural Bio-fuel ProductionAbstract
E-0906Study on Low-carbon Development in Asian Developing Countries through International Intercity CollaborationAbstract
RFe-1101Enetourism: Methane Fermentation System Using Hot Spring with the Tourist Participatory ApproachAbstract
RFe-11T1Futures Energy Systems Built by Feasible Technologies for JapanAbstract
RF-1012An Investigation of Transport Policies to Induce the Behavioral Modification toward the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emission Considering Economic and Social SustainabilityAbstract

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Cross-field Studies

total 3 researches

Project CodeResearch Title
F-1101Development of Evaluation Method of Ecosystem Services to Find Good Balance between Climate Change Prevention and Biodiversity ConservationAbstract
F-1102Ecological Evaluation and Material Flow Analysis of Tidal Flat and Eelgrass Bed Ecosystems Constructed with Steel Slag and Dredged MaterialAbstract
RFf-1101Development of Recycling and Production Method of Solargrade Si by Molten Salt Electro-refiningAbstract

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Establishment of a Sound Material-cycle Society andthe Next-generation Waste Treatment Technology

total 113 researches

Project CodeResearch Title
J112001Demonstration Project of Generating Energy-value from Wastewater by Hydrothermal Gasification ProcessAbstract
J112002Development of Low Carbon Type Shaft Furnace for Worldwide Waste TreatmentAbstract
J113003Development of a Sorting System for Asbestos Containing Construction MaterialAbstract
J112004Development of Ethanol Conversion Process Using Biomass Recovered from MSWAbstract
J113005Cooperative Research and Development of Hollow Carbon Microparticles from Lignin by Utilization of Black LiquorAbstract
J112006Developing Recycle Technique of Calcium Hydroxide, Byproduct in Acetylene Gas Process from Calcium CarbideAbstract
J113007Development of Composites with Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) Derived from Untapped Biomass and Wasted Fiber-reinforced Plastic (FRP), and its Small Batch Production SystemAbstract
J112008Development of Advanced Phosphorus Recovery Technology from Sludge of Night Soil/Johkasoh by HAP MethodAbstract
J111009Development of Volume Reduction Technology for Firm and Small Bulk Specific Gravity Heat Insulator with Asbestos Content in Corresponding to Removal Construction Scale.Abstract
K113001Environmental Sound Management of Hazardous Metals such as Mercury in Cyclical UseAbstract
K113002Planning System to Apply Japanese Circular Technologies and Policy System in Asian CitiesAbstract
K112003Research on Recycling Certification in Asia (ReCA)Abstract
K113004Establishment of a Methodology for Environmentally Sound Quality Control of Wastes and By-products toward Standardization in East Asian CountriesAbstract
K112005Development and Analysis of Reaction Mechanisms of Efficient Organic Acid Fermentation Technology from Organic WasteAbstract
K113006 Development of System for Saccharification of Lignocellulosic Biomass Waste Using Solid Acidic CatalystsAbstract
K112007Development and Evaluation of High-efficient Saccharification Processing of Lignocellulosic Biomass by Irradiation with Quantum BeamsAbstract
K113008Research on the Proper Treatment of Waste Glass MaterialsAbstract
K113009Research on Inspection Methods and Recovery Techniques for Healthy Landfill FunctionsAbstract
K113010Development of Strategy on Transfer of Japanese Venous Industry to AsiaAbstract
K113011Establishment of Safe and Effective Recycling System for Hazardous Products and ComponentsAbstract
K113012Environmental Impact Analysis and Policy Comparison Study for Sound Management and Recycling of BatteryAbstract
K111013Establishment of Recycling Method of Rare Earth Magnets by Using a Non-imported ReductantAbstract
K111014Investigation of Separation System of Indium and Gallium in Urban MineAbstract
K113015Development of Technologies Achieving Early Stabilization of Waste in Landfills Mainly Accepting Intermediate Treatment ResiduesAbstract
K113016Development of Solar Fuel and Chemical Production System from Biomass and Carbon DioxideAbstract
K113017Study on Ensuring Reliability and Effective Utilization of Described Information in Manifests for Industrial Waste ManagementAbstract
K113018Bioethanol Production by Magnetic Nanoparticles Immobilized Biocatalyst and Development of Biodegradable Composites Compatibilizing ProcessingAbstract
K113019The Study of Bioethanol Manufacturing System from Agricultural Wastes by Cascade Type Recycling ProcessAbstract
K112020Recycling Phosphorus in Organic Wastes Using Bacterial EnzymesAbstract
K113021Policy Effect Analyses of Municipality Policy and Behavior Modification Program on 3RAbstract
K113022Study on Appropriate Treatment of Bulky and Noncombustible Municipal Solid WasteAbstract
K113023Study on Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Management with a Main Emphasis on Household ChemicalsAbstract
K113024Establishment of Screening Methods of Asbestos-containing Construction Materials, and Safety Assessment of Recycled Crushed StoneAbstract
K113025Visualization and Optimization of Thermochemical Destruction of Organohalogen CompoundsAbstract
K113026Quantitative and Structure Analysis of Psychological Factors which Cause Improper Manual Separation of Recyclable WastesAbstract
K113027Appropriate Countermeasure and Technology Transfer on Waste Landfill Leachate as Development of Urban Waste Management in AsiaAbstract
K111028Research on Design and Evaluation of Resource Collection System such as Used-small Consumer Electronics that Use Existing InfrastructureAbstract
K113029Development of High Selective Separation Technology Using Sulfurized Waste Biomass AdsorbentAbstract
K1130303R Promotion through Waste Biomass Utilization in Japan and Asian RegionsAbstract
K112031Recovery of Rare Metals by Using Inorganic Layered OxidesAbstract
K113032Formation Pathways and Health Risk Assessment of Halogenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Waste IncineratorAbstract
K112033Reforming of Herbaceous and Woody Biomass by Normal Temperature Deoiling and Dewatering TechnologyAbstract
K2301Development of Economic Recycle Process for the Waste of Magnets Aimed at Highly Efficient Recovering Rare EarthsAbstract
K2302Development of Continuous Production Technology of Highquality Biodiesel Fuel Using Acid Oil By-produced in Edible Oil ProcessingAbstract
K2303Evaluation of Biological Effects of Thermally Transformed AmositeAbstract
K2304Assessment of Slope Stability of Deposited Solid Waste at Sites of Illegal Dump and Other Inappropriate DisposalAbstract
K2305Development and Evaluation of a Vein/Artery Linkage Production Technology for the Next Generation Biodiesel Fuel from Waste Oils and FatsAbstract
K2306Development of Advanced Technology and Management System of Highly Energy-saving and Low-carbon Society JohkasoAbstract
K2307Development of Analytical Model on Phosphorus Recovery and UtilizationAbstract
K2308Environmentally Friendly Wet-recovery of Indium from Electronic Scraps Using MicroorganismsAbstract
K2309Studies on Chemical Decomposition of Asbestos at Room Temperature and Safety Reuse of the Decomposed Asbestos as New MaterialsAbstract
K2310Development of Technology for Reducing Difficult-todewatering Organic Sludge at High Rate by Step-up Ultrahighpressure Expression Combined with Reversible FlocculationAbstract
K2311Risk Control of Brominated Flame Retardants during Article/ Product Life Cycle Including Waste Treatment and Recycling ProcessesAbstract
K2312Development of Advanced Separation Technology of Rare Metals Using Extraction Separation and Crystallization StrippingAbstract
K2313Selective Indium Recovery Process from Waste by Means of Pyrometallugical MethodAbstract
K2314International Comparative Study on Policy Developments of 3R and Waste Management, and Integration with Chemical Control SystemsAbstract
K2315Synthesis of Calcium Phosphate Hydrogel from Waste Incineration Fly Ash, Bone Powder and its Application to Fuel CellAbstract
K2316Development of Optimum Treatment Technique and Recovery of Rare Metals from Scraps Containing their Elements Using Biomass WastesAbstract
K2317Model Research of Maintenance, Repair and Replacement of Sub-categorized Equipment in Waste Incineration Plants, Appropriating to both of Energy Recover Initiatives and Tendency of Reducing Waste VolumeAbstract
K2318Development of Waste Gasification and Catalytic Reforming Technologies with Molecular Separation Process Using Nano-porous MembraneAbstract
K2319Development of Chemical Zero Emission Technology for Recovery and Recycling of Valuable Metals from Incineration and Melting Fly AshAbstract
K2320Optimization of Separation Process for Rare Metals Recycling in E-wasteAbstract
K2321Scheme for the Development of Rare Metal Recycling and its System Evaluation MethodAbstract
K2322Development of Decision Support System for Supporting Consumer’s Environmentally Conscious ActionAbstract
K2323Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Management by Using Benchmarking MethodsAbstract
K2324Complete Decomposing of Perfluoro Compounds and F-Recovery Using In-line Type Plasma Reactor in LiquidAbstract
K2325Selective Recovery of Gallium by Foam Chromatography from Industrial WastesAbstract
K2326Recycling of Rare Metals and Organic Substances from City Mine: toward Organic-solvent-free and Complete RecyclingAbstract
K2327Research for Pretreatment for Enzyme Saccharification of Biomass Using a New Hot Water Explosion MethodAbstract
K2328Lead Recovery Processing from CRT Glass Cullet Utilizing Lead Smelting ProcessAbstract
K2329Process Development for Rare-metal Recovery from Printed Circuit Board Wastes by Using Chlorination-volatilization and Hydrometallurgical TreatmentAbstract
K2330Establishment of Microbiological Assessment for Safe and Available Compost ApplicationAbstract
K2331Recycling Process of Wasted Ink for Fabrication of High Strength Titanium Reinforced with Carbon Black ParticlesAbstract
K2332Development of Environmental Assessment Technique of Johkaso System as an Infrastructure for Supporting Sustainable SocietyAbstract
K2333Systems Analysis for Biomass Utilization Based on Local Sound Material-cycle Society BlocksAbstract
K2334Development of Arsenic Detoxification Method and Rare-metal Recycling TechniqueAbstract
K2335Study on Proper Management of Asbestos in Recycling and Treatment Processes of Asbestos WastesAbstract
K2336Recycling System of Rare Metals Using Food-waste Biomass with High SelectivityAbstract
K2337High Grade Liquid Fuel Production from Biomass/Wastes by Steam-hydrogenation Hybrid GasificationAbstract
K2338Development of Municipal Solid Waste Database and Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems in Southeast AsiaAbstract
K2339Development of Advanced Ethanol Fermentation Technology Using Mutated-fused YeastAbstract
K2340Development of Sophisticated Extraction and Selective Recovery System of Rare Metals from Valuable WastesAbstract
K2341Mechanism of FRP Decomposition in Water Vapor at Atmospheric Pressure High Temperature and the Reuse of Recycled MaterialsAbstract
K2342Development of an Efficient Extraction Separation System for the Recovery of Rare-metals by Using Environmentally-friendly Ionic Liquids as SolventsAbstract
K2343Investigation of Discharge Behavior in Final Landfill Site and Countermeasure Technology of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs)Abstract
K2344Separation and Recovery Process of Rare Earth Metals from Wastes by Using Molten Salt and Alloy DiaphragmAbstract
K2345Rare Metal and Carbon Recovery by Carbonization of Used ScrapsAbstract
K2346Recycling of Precious MetalsAbstract
K2347Classification of E-waste Recycling Technology in Asian Developing CountriesAbstract
K2348Recovery of Rare Metal from End-of-life Electronic Equipment by Using Steam Gasification in the Present of Molten Carbonate MixturesAbstract
K2349A Study on Load Reduction on Melting Furnace and Metal RecoveryAbstract
K2350Research on Application and Risk Assessment for the Innovative Technology of Ecological Restoration Using Steel Slag and Humic SubstancesAbstract
K2351Development of Assessment Methodology for Preferable Sound Material-cycle Blocks and Scenario AnalysisAbstract
K2352Psychological Modeling of Waste Prevention Behavior and Program Fostering Citizens' BehaviorAbstract
K2353Study on Development of Environmental Remediation Technologies of Polluted Site with Volatile Organic Compounds Contained in Unlawfully Renounced Wastes and their Evaluation MethodsAbstract
K2354Development of Adsorption Technology for the Recovery of Rare Metals from Spent Small Size Household Electric and Electronic Appliances Using Biomass WastesAbstract
K2355Development of New Treatment Method for Sulfur Oxide and Nitrogen Oxide from Exhausted Gas Using Magnesium-Aluminum OxideAbstract
K2356Development of Low-cost Decomposition Process for Dioxincontaminated Soil and Sediment Using Carbonized Material-based AdsorbentAbstract
K2357A Simulator for Long-term Behaviors of Toxic Pollutants to Assess Environmental Stability and Safety of a Wastes Landfill Site in the Post-service PhaseAbstract
K2358Sanitation Constraints Classification and Alternatives Evaluation for Asian CitiesAbstract
K2359Effective Use of Bassanite as Soil Improvement Materials Produced from Waste Plaster BoardAbstract
K2360Research of Strategic Phosphorus Resource Recycling System by Local Production for Local Consumption from IwateAbstract
K2361Extraction of Rare Metals with High Selectivity and Efficiency by Using of High-ordered Mesoporous Monolith (HOM)Abstract
K2362Reduction of Generated Waste and Promotion of Recovery & Disposal of Solid Waste on the Sea of Japan CoastAbstract
K2363Research on Recycling of Salt the By-product according to Waste ManagementAbstract
K2364Scenario Analysis on Economic Feasibility and Evaluation of Biomass UtilizationAbstract
K2365Sustainable Management for Sewage Treatment System under the Condition of Population Decreasing and Facility AgingAbstract
K2366Control Technology of Air and Water Pollutants Using Recovered Phosphorus ResourcesAbstract
K2367Simultaneous Recovery of Rare Metal and Lithium from Waste Li-ion Battery Using a Carbon Reduction MethodAbstract
K2368Study on the Transportation and Storage of Wasted Heat from Refuse Incineration Plants at Ambient TemperatureAbstract
K2369Application of Steel Slag to Construction of Artificial Tidal Flats Sustainably Providing Ecosystem ServicesAbstract
K2370Investigation of Biomass Utilization Strategy Aimed at Regional ActivationAbstract
K2371Development of Novel Recycling Process of Phosphorus from Iron- and Steel-making SlagsAbstract

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