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Target Technology Fields Fields Currently Targeted Small hydropower generation technology field Global warming mitigation technology field (lighting energy reduction technologies) Human waste treatment in natural areas: human waste treatment technology field Organic wastewater treatment technology field Water environment improvement technologies in enclosed coastal seas field Water purification technologies for lakes and reservoirs field Heat-island mitigation technology field (technologies for reducing air conditioning loads by using building envelope systems) Heat-island mitigation technology field (heat pump air-conditioning systems using ground source heat, wastewater heat, etc.) Simplified VOC, etc. measurement technology field
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Mechanism of the ETV Program
Program Implementation Guidelines
Program Implementation System
Flow of the Program
Verification Test Procedure

Program Implementation Guidelines

The ETV Program Implementation Guidelines have been prepared under the new system which started in FY 2014.
The Guidelines are enforced on 1st April, 2014,
PDF file PDF FY 2014 ETV Program Implementation Guidelines [PDF Download 127 KB]


Introduction General
Chapter 1      Implementation System for the ETV Program
Chapter 2      Establishment of the Target Technology Fields
Chapter 3      Selection of the verification Management Organization
Chapter 4      Selection of the Verification Organizations
Chapter 5      Preparation or Revision of the Protocols
Chapter 6      Selection of the Target Technologies for Verification
Chapter 7      Formulation of a Verification Test Plan
Chapter 8      Implementation of the Verification Test
Chapter 9      Compilation of the Verification Test reports
Chapter 10    Creation of a Website
Chapter 11    Use of the Logo, etc.
Chapter 12    Handling of Intellectual Property
Chapter 13    Cost Sharing
Chapter 14    Disclaimer
Chapter 15    Evaluation of the Progress Situation and Achievements of the Program and
                      Incorporation of the Evaluation Results in the Program for the Following Year and Beyond
Chapter 16    Miscellaneous
Supplementary Provisions