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Japan Environment Quarterly (JEQ)
Volume 13 | March 2016

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Motorbikes in Hanoi



JICA Environmental Policy Advisor, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam

Motorbikes filling Xuan Thuy Street, Hanoi

Hanoi is full of energy. Its symbol and lifeblood are the enormous number of motorbikes. They appear inexhaustibly from everywhere, thread ways between cars and fill all spaces of the streets. They carry people as well as every possible commodity which is several times bigger than a rider's body. A motorbike is the very thing which forms lives in this city.

The population of Vietnam is 93.4 million and registered number of motorbikes is 43 million. Both numbers are increasing. In recent years, together with increasing number of cars, streets are always congested and the air pollution is getting worse. Because of that, most riders are wearing a mask to cover their nose and mouth.

Now the first lines of metro are under construction and they are expected to improve many problems including environmental issues. Solutions of environmental problems sometimes require people to change their lifestyle. That is why it is not easy. Will people really leave motorbikes and take the metro instead? I look forward to seeing the transformation of this attractive city.

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