A Long-term Perspective on Environment
and Development in the Asia-Pacific Region

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Chapter I Current Situation and Future Perspective

1.1 Characteristics of the Asia-Pacific region
1.2 Current status of environmental problems
1.3 Future environmental perspectives in 2025

Chapter II Asia-Pacific Eco-Consciousness

2.1 Emergence of "Asia-Pacific Eco-Consciousness"
2.2 Salient identities to be passed on to future generations
2.3 Integration and application in actual development strategies

Chapter III Future Regional Action

3.1 Eco-Partnership
3.2 Eco-Technology and Eco-Investment
3.3 Eco-Policy Linkage

Chapter IV Conclusions and Recommendations

4.1 Conclusions
4.2 Recommendations
4.3 Follow-up Activities of ECO ASIA Long-term Perspective Project


Attachment 1 Resource persons
Attachment 2 Participants List of the 1st International Workshop (Mar. 16&17, 1994)
Attachment 3 Participants List of the 2nd International Workshop (Feb. 27 - Mar. 1, 1995)
Attachment 4 Participants List of the 3rd International Workshop (Mar. 11-13, 1996)
Attachment 5 Participants List of the 4th International Workshop (Oct. 14 & 15, 1996)
Attachment 6 List of Members of Steering Committee for ECO ASIA Long-term Perspective Project


Appendix 1 Japan's experience
Appendix 2 Summary Report "Project on Land Degradation and Sustainable Rural Development in Tropical Asia"