The 13th Environment Congress for Asia and the Pacific
(ECO ASIA 2005)

Speech, Presentation and Statement


Sat., 4 June    
09:30-10:35   Opening Ceremony
  Inaugural emarks and Keynote Speech by KOIKE, Yuriko, Minister of the Environment, Japan [PDF (681KB)]
  Opening Remarks by Hajime Furuta, Prefectural Governor of Gifu [PDF (1467KB)]
  Welcoming Remarks by Shigemitsu Hosoe, the Mayor of Gifu City [PDF (6523KB)]
  Greetings by Kayoko Shimizu, Representative of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Conference on Renewable Energies
  Report on the GEA International Eco Youth Conference in Asia-Pacific Region, by Vice Chairman, Wakako Hironaka
  Report on the International Environmental Symposium 2005 in Tajimi, by Barbara Hardy, Former Commissioner of the Australian Heritage Commission [PDF (132KB)]
11:00-17:40   ECO ASIA 2005
11:10-13:00   Session 1
  Presentations on Local Actions by Various Stakeholders in Gifu Prefecture
    Yamagata Municipal Miyama Junior High School, [PDF (5020KB)]
      -Saki Tsukada
-Rina Yaguchi
    Nature & Science Club, Specified Non-profit Corporation [PDF (1057KB)]
      -Keigo Matsumura
    Nagoya Pulp Corporation [PDF (2552KB)]
      -Takushi Asano
  General Discussion Actions and Initiatives Taken by Countries in Asia-Pacific Region
    Statement of China
    Statement of Pakistan [WORD (25KB)]
    Statement of Palau [WORD (30KB)]
    Statement of Republic of Korea [WORD (27KB)]
    Statement of Islamic Republic of Iran
    Statement of Malaysia [WORD (37KB)]
    Statement of Cambodia [WORD (59KB)]
    Statement of Bangladesh [PDF (651KB)]
    Statement of Vietnam [WORD (33KB)]
    Statement of ADB [WORD (32KB)]
    Statement of UNEP/NOWPAP
    Statement of UNU/IAS
    Statement of ESCAP
    Statement of IBRD
13:00-14:30   Lunch
15:00-16:30   Session 2
    Report on the Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED) and its Future Activities
  Report on APFED
    Kim Myung-Ja (Former Minister of Environment, Republic of Korea) [PDF (1518KB)]
    Akio Morishima (Chair of the Board of Directors, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan) [PDF (117KB)]
    Emil Salim (Chairman of Association for Community Empowerment, Indonesia)
    Tongroj Onchan (President, Mekong Environment and Resource Institute, Thailand)
    Cielito F. Habito (Professor and Director, Ateneo Center for Economic Research & Development, Philippines)
  General Discussion
    Statement of ESCAP
    Statement of Dr. Hardy
    Statement of Dr, Maknoon
    Statement of Australia
    Statement of USA
    Statement of Indonesia
    Statement of China
    Statement of APN
17:00-18:40   Session 3
    Other Activities
  Report on the Asia-Pacific Environmental Innovation Strategy Project (APEIS) and its Future Activities
    Masataka Watanabe (Professor, Keio University)
      1 [PDF (46KB)]  2 [PDF (2834KB)]
    Manmohan Kapshe (Senior Lecturer, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology)
    Hideyuki Mori (Project Leader of Long-Term Perspective and Policy Integration Project, Institute for Global Environment Strategies) [PDF (765KB)]
  General Discussion
  Follow-up to the 3R Initiatives
    Hideki Minamikawa (Director General, Waste Management and Recycling Department, Ministry of the Environment)
  General Discussion
    Statement of India [WORD (23KB)]
    Statement of Republic of Korea
    Statement of UNCRD [WORD (25KB)]
    Statement of Maknoon
    Statement of Thailand [WORD (25KB)]