The 12th Environment Congress for Asia and the Pacific
(ECO ASIA 2004)

Speech, Presentation and Statement


Sat., 19 June   Opening ceremony
09:30-10:05   Opening remarks
  Ms. KOIKE Yuriko, Minister of the Environment
  Mr. Yoshihiro Katayama, Governor of Tottori
10:05-12:15   Session 1
  Keynote speech
    Prof. Hisatake Kato, President of Tottori University of Environmental Studies
  Report on the “Environmental Education Symposium in Tottori"
    Dr. Shuichi Katoh, Senior Vice-Minister of the Environment
  Presentation by Tottori Prefecture
    Report on Nakaumi Children’s Waterfront Summit
      Ms. Mihoko Adachi Mr. Masahiro Adachi, Children ECO CLUB
    Spring water and acorns: building a rural oasis
      Ms. Mie Hamada (Director, NGO Totori NET)
    The Century of the Environment: biotope helps people realize their dreams
      Mr. Yasuo Ishida (President, ECOMA Co.,Ltd.)
    Statement of Malaysia [PDF (220KB)]
    Statement of Vietnam [PDF (54KB)]
    Statement of Lao PDR [PDF (108KB)]
    Statement of Bangladesh [PDF (145KB)]
    Statement of Cambodia [WORD (104KB)]
    Statement and Presentation of Korea [WORD (37KB)]
    Statement of Nepal [WORD (25KB)]
    Statement of India [PDF (138KB)]
    Statement of Myanmar [WORD (23KB)]
    Statement of Thai [PDF (142KB)]
    Statement of Fiji [PDF (250KB)]
    Statement of Sri Lanka [WORD (26KB)]
12:15-14:00   Lunch
14:00-17:15   Session 2
  Presentation 1
    Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED)
      Prof. Akio Morishima, Chair of the Board of Directors of IGES, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
  Presentation 2
    Asia-Pacific Environmental Innovation Strategy Project (APEIS)
    · Mr. Akio Takemoto, Assistant Director of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan
    · Prof. Liu, Director-General of the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research
    · Prof. Shukla of Indian Institute of Management
    · Mr. Hideyuki Mori, project leader of IGES, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
    Statement of UNDP [PDF (196KB)]
    Statement of UNESCAP [WORD (24KB)]
    Statement of UNCRD [WORD (27KB)]