Creating Sato-umi

Sato-umi creation consists of three elements; substance circulation, ecosystems and contact with people and two elements which support practical activities to create Sato-umi; activity spheres and entities that perform activities.
To create healthy Sato-umi, it is important that people positively put into practice a sense of solidarity and cooperative effort.


Implement resource management that considers marine life environments!

Fish and shellfish are important fisheries resources for human beings and occupy an important position in the food chain. Naturally, they also constitute one part of the circle of biodiversity. To ensure that the balance of this ecosystem is not destroyed, it is important to preserve ocean habitats and conduct resource management in a robust manner.

Substance Circulation

Preserve water circulation leading from forest to ocean!

Clouds produce rain that falls on the mountains, forming rivers that flow to the ocean. Preserving this natural circulation of water is essential. The water circulation in the forests and cities may seem at first to have no connection with the ocean, but without healthy water circulation in these areas it will be impossible to nurture rich Sato-umi environments.

Contact with people

Create a connection to the ocean!

Once, Sato-umi supported people's lifestyles in various ways. They nurtured shellfish and seaweed, and they were also used by people in the local community as beaches and recreation areas. It is important to make people realize blessings of Sato-umi by creating opportunities for people to connect the ocean

Activity spheres and Entities that perform activities

Get More People Involved!

Sato-umi creation should not be a vague concept that is only visualized in words. It should start by people in coastal regions coming together and engaging in specific activities in which people are actively involved.

The Local Area and the Implementing Entities Should Cooperate to Conduct Activities!

Sato-umi creation activities are supported by the balance between ecosystems / substance circulation and the involvement of / interchange between people. The people who are conducting activities in a positive manner at locations with a close connection to Sato-umi should maintain and put into practice a sense of solidarity and cooperative effort.

As Broad as the Ocean and as Flexible as the Tide!

The crucial roles and components supporting Sato-umi will naturally vary according to the land and ocean area. The aim should be to respect individual characteristics and identity and to endeavor to have mutual

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