Environment Research & Technology Development Fund


The Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (ERTDF) is a policy contribution-oriented competitive research fund.

This was established for the purpose of promoting survey research and technical development in a comprehensive manner from an interdisciplinary and international viewpoint by bringing together the total capabilities of researchers in various fields, and thereby contributing to preservation of the environment in order to create a sustainable society, based on a recognition of the serious and severe impact of environmental problems on the foundations of human existence.

Environment Research and Technology Development Fund in FY2011(3,999kb[PDF])


Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

General Inquiries, Environmental Pollution, Ecological Risks
Environmental Policy Bureau
Office of Environmental Research and Technology


Health Risks
Environmental Health Department
Environmental Risk Assessment Office


Global System Change, Protection/Restoration of Nature and Ecosystems, Research on Sustainable Society/Policy
Global Environment Bureau
Research and Information Office


Establishment of a sound material-cycle society and the next-generation waste treatment technology
Waste Management and Recycling Department
Waste Management Division


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