White Paper

Annual Report on the Environment in Japan 2004

Diffusing the Environmental Techniques and the Environmental Spirit

Annual Report on the State of the Environment in FY 2003

Part One
Overview: Diffusing the Environmental Techniques and the Environmental Spirit [PDF 93KB]

Introductory Chapter: Toward an Era of Environmental Revolution [PDF 312KB]
  • Section 1: Conventional Lifestyle in Pursuit of Convenience and Comfort
  • Section 2: Signs of the Environmental Revolution
  • Section 3: Living in the Environmental Century
Chapter One: Life-Enhancing "Environmental Techniques" [PDF 252KB]
  • Section 1: Environmental Century Made Possible by Techniques
  • Section 2: Progress in Environmentally Conscious Business Activities
Chapter Two: Life-Enriching "Environmental Spirit" [PDF 362KB]
  • Section 1: "Environmental Spirit" Nurtured in the Society
  • Section 2: Consumption and Investment Supporting "Environmental Techniques"
  • Section 3: Environmental Conservation in Daily Life
  • Section 4: Environmentally Friendly Community Planning
Chapter Three: In Japan, and Then All over the World [PDF 194KB]
  • Section 1: A Virtuous Circle for Environment and Economy Beginning with the Environmental Revolution in Daily Life
  • Section 2: Promoting Environmental Education: Spirit Nurtured by the Environment and
    the Environment Protected by the Spirit
  • Section 3: Japan as a Major Player in Formulating International Standards for the Environment
  • Section 4: Diffusing the Environmental Techniques throughout the World: International Environmental Cooperation
  • Conclusion: Protecting the Global Environment with the Environmental Techniques and the Environmental Spirit

Part Two
Current Environmental Issues and Environmental Conservation Measures by the Government [PDF 540KB]

Environmental Conservation Measures to be Implemented in FY 2004

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