Annual Report on the Environment in Japan 2004

Diffusing the Environmental Techniques and the Environmental Spirit

Annual Report on the State of the Environment in FY 2003

Part One
Overview: Diffusing the Environmental Techniques and the Environmental Spirit [PDF 93KB]

Introductory Chapter: Toward an Era of Environmental Revolution [PDF 312KB]
  • Section 1: Conventional Lifestyle in Pursuit of Convenience and Comfort
  • Section 2: Signs of the Environmental Revolution
  • Section 3: Living in the Environmental Century
Chapter One: Life-Enhancing "Environmental Techniques" [PDF 252KB]
  • Section 1: Environmental Century Made Possible by Techniques
  • Section 2: Progress in Environmentally Conscious Business Activities
Chapter Two: Life-Enriching "Environmental Spirit" [PDF 362KB]
  • Section 1: "Environmental Spirit" Nurtured in the Society
  • Section 2: Consumption and Investment Supporting "Environmental Techniques"
  • Section 3: Environmental Conservation in Daily Life
  • Section 4: Environmentally Friendly Community Planning
Chapter Three: In Japan, and Then All over the World [PDF 194KB]
  • Section 1: A Virtuous Circle for Environment and Economy Beginning with the Environmental Revolution in Daily Life
  • Section 2: Promoting Environmental Education: Spirit Nurtured by the Environment and
    the Environment Protected by the Spirit
  • Section 3: Japan as a Major Player in Formulating International Standards for the Environment
  • Section 4: Diffusing the Environmental Techniques throughout the World: International Environmental Cooperation
  • Conclusion: Protecting the Global Environment with the Environmental Techniques and the Environmental Spirit

Part Two
Current Environmental Issues and Environmental Conservation Measures by the Government [PDF 540KB]

Environmental Conservation Measures to be Implemented in FY 2004