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State of Japan's Environment at a Glance: Japanese Lake Environment - Japanese Lakes and Reservoirs 1

Japanese Lakes and Reservoirs

1 Shikotsu L. (Hokkaido) 9 Kuttara L. (Hokkaido)
2 Toya L. (Hokkaido) 10 Abashiri L. (Hokkaido)
3 O-numa L. (Hokkaido) 11 Kushiro W. (Hokkaido)
4 Akan L. (Hokkaido) 12 Kuccharo L. (Hokkaido)
5 Kussharo L. (Hokkaido) 13 Utonai L. (Hokkaido)
6 Shikaribetsu L. (Hokkaido) 14 Kiritappu W. (Hokkaido)
7 Nukabira R. (Hokkaido) 15 AkkeshiL. (Hokkaido)
8 Harutori L. (Hokkaido) 16 Saroma L. (Hokkaido)

L.:Lake, W.:Wetland

Lakes applicable to the Environmental Standards for Water Quality
Wetlands registered with the Ramsar Convention