Waste & Recycling

Eco Town Program


 Eco Town Program, which was first created in 1997, put Zero Emission Concept (a concept to shift all the wastes generated from an industry sector to utilize as material in other industry sector, aiming at removing any types of wastes) as a basis for establishing an environmentally harmonizing socio-economy in local community. Also, the Program aims at promoting advanced environmentally harmonizing town by being integrated into a major pillar in measures to realize local revitalization.
 To be more specific, if a plan (developed by cities and towns, including business unions, needs to be under the signature of prefectural government), which was formulated by governments of prefecture and cabinet-order designated cities, gain approval jointly provided by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, comprehensive and multifaceted support will be provided by the ministries to the project implemented by the plan.

Approved Eco Town Programs[PDF]