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Information for Japanese Nationals planning a trip to Antarctica

"Notification" is required for travel to Antarctica.

Based on Japan's Law relating to Protection of the Environment in Antarctica, any Japanese national and any non-Japanese national residing in Japan who plans to visit the Antarctic Area (the area south of 60°S) on a sightseeing tour is requested to submit a notification form to the Minister of the Environment. "Notification" is required only for any landing in Antarctica. The notification form must be completed by an individual.

Notifhcation format ([WORD 31KB], [PDF 51KB])

For more detail, please read the document down below.

Procedures for Travel to Antarctica.pdf [PDF 1.3MB]

For those who plan to independently visit Antarctica for research or an expedition etc., "Application for Certification" procedures are required instead of "Notification". For instructions on "Application for Certification", please contact the Ministry of the Environment.

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