Water Pollution Control Law_Chapter III


Article 15
(Continuous Monitoring)
The governor of the prefecture shall continuously monitor the conditions of the water pollution in the Public Water Area and groundwater.

2. The governor of the prefecture shall report the result of the continuous monitoring set forth in the preceding paragraph to the Minister of the Environment.

Article 16
(Measurement Program)

1. The governor of a prefecture shall after consulting with the chiefs of the local offices of national administrative organs, establish - a program for the measurement of water quality in- the Public Water Area which belongs to the prefecture (hereinafter referred to as the "Measurement Program").

2. The Measurement Program shall provide, with regard to the measurements conducted by the national or local government as to the water quality in the public Water Area, for the matters to be measured, the station and method of measurement and other necessary items.

3. The Director General of the Environment Agency may, in 6rder to totally grasp the Pollutant load of the water flowing into each Specified Water Area indicate matters separately for each Specified Water Area with which the governors of the prefectures are to comply in the formulation of the Measurement Program.

4. The national or local government shall measure the water quality in the Public Water Area in compliance with the Measurement Program, and report the findings of the measurement to the governor of the prefecture.

Article 16-2
(Cooperation to Measurement)

The mayor of the local body may ask for cooperation from the person who has installed a well in measurement of groundwater quality when he recognizes that it is necessary for measurement of groundwater quality as provided for in Paragraph 4 of the preceding Article.

Article 17

The governor of the prefecture shall publicly announce the state of water quality in the Public Water Areas and groundwater in the area within the prefecture.

Article 18
(Emergency Measures)

The governor of the prefecture may, in a case where the water pollution in the Public Water Area within the prefecture, caused by an extraordinary shortage of water or other similar situations, becomes so serious as to pose that to human health or the living environment as stipulated by Cabinet Order, make the public aware of it and order, in compliance with what is stipulated by . Order of the Prime Minister's Office, persons who discharge effluents into the Public Water Area concerned, in which the above mentioned conditions has occurred, to reduce effluents for a specified period or to take other necessary measures.

  • "Order of the Prime Minister's Office = Ordinance 6
  • "Order of the Prime Minister's Office" = Regulation 10
  • Penal provisions = Law 31, I, 2, 34