Ministry of the Environment Official LinkedIn

Policy for Management of Official LinkedIn of the Ministry of the Environment

1. Purpose

This Policy sets forth the matters relating to the management of the LinkedIn account of the Ministry of the Environment (the account is hereinafter referred to as the "MOEJ Official LinkedIn"; and the ministry the "MOEJ").

2. Basic policy

The MOEJ Official LinkedIn aims to provide users with in-depth understanding of the MOEJ and its policy measures by publicizing up-to-date information on its businesses, initiatives and events as well as to enhance the convenience of users.

The MOEJ Official LinkedIn is solely for providing information. As a general rule, the MOEJ Official LinkedIn makes no replies and those who wish to submit feedback or inquiries are asked to use a separate email address (

3. Method of management

The MOEJ Official LinkedIn is to be managed by the Public Relations Office, Policy and Coordination Division, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of the Environment (hereinafter referred to as the "PR Office"), according to the following:

(1) Information for dissemination

The MOEJ Official LinkedIn provides the following information:

  • contents publicized on the MOEJ website (e.g., press release)
  • other information relating to the MOEJ for which citizens' needs are high or which need to be announced

(2) Emergency response

The MOEJ Official LinkedIn also shares related information publicized by government agencies, local governments, foreign government agencies, etc. in cases where special responses are required in extraordinary situations such as a large-scale disaster so as to meet the citizens' needs and to facilitate response measures.

4. Disclaimer

  • Although the MOEJ makes utmost efforts to ensure the accuracy of information posted on the MOEJ Official LinkedIn, the MOEJ is not held liable for any acts conducted by a user using information contained therein.
  • The MOEJ is not held liable for any activity of users on the MOEJ Official LinkedIn, such as comments and sharing.
  • The MOEJ is not held liable for any troubles or disputes between users or between users and third parties arising in connection with the MOEJ Official LinkedIn.
  • The copyright in relation to comments, sharing, etc. is treated in accordance with the regulations of LinkedIn.

5. Deletion of inappropriate contents posted by users

The MOEJ may delete any contents posted by users or block their accounts without notice if the content falls under any of the following:

  • content that actually or potentially violates laws and regulations
  • content that defames a specified individual, organization, etc.
  • content purported for political or religious activities
  • content that infringes the intellectual property rights of the MOEJ or third parties, including copyrights, trademark rights or right of likeness
  • content purported for advertisement, solicitation, sales or other commercial activity
  • content that discriminates or promotes discrimination on the basis of race, thoughts, beliefs, etc.
  • content that runs counter to public policy or good morals
  • false or inaccurate information or mere rumor, or a content that would promote a rumor
  • content infringing privacy by identifying, disclosing or leaking personal information without the relevant person's consent;
  • passing off as another user or third party;
  • inappropriate content such as indecent expressions;
  • content altering all or part of information publicized by the PR Office;
  • content not related to information publicized by the PR Office;
  • content that is deemed inappropriate by the PR Office and a link, etc. containing such content; or
  • content that is contrary to the Terms of Use, contents policy and guidelines of LinkedIn.

6. Copyright

No reproduction of the contents of the MOEJ Official LinkedIn is allowed without the consent of the MOEJ except for uses permitted under the Copyright Act including private use and citation. Any citation, etc. requires an express indication of the source by appropriate means.

7. Publication and amendment of Policy for Management

This Policy is publicized on the MOEJ website. This Policy is subject to change without prior notice as necessary.

8. Account Administrator

The MOEJ Official LinkedIn is administered by the PR Office.

Supplementary Provisions

This Policy comes into force as from April 28, 2021.